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Rishi: Entertainer or thriller, my focus is on delivering what’s been promised to audiences

This, says the Ramana Avatara actor, will require a team effort, with the vision of everyone involved aligned to make it happen

Rishi: Entertainer or thriller, my focus is on delivering what’s been promised to audiences
Rishi's Ramana Avatara is expected to release by the end of June or early July

Last Updated: 08.12 PM, May 30, 2023


When he began his career as an actor, Rishi says that his single focus was on showing himself as an artiste to audiences, enable his growth in the industry and improve his skill sets. But over time, he realized that he needed to also convey certain messages through his films and see if he could encourage them to make small changes in their lives accordingly. While that is still important to Rishi, he says that right now the focus is on giving audiences a good experience when they come to theatres.


Speaking to an online portal while promoting his upcoming Kannada release Ramana Avatara, which is expected in theatres by the end of June or early July, Rishi said, “When I tell people that I have made an entertainer and would like them to come to theatres, I have to make sure that I live up to that promise. Tomorrow, if it is a thriller, I have to see if I can do justice to what the genre deserves and if the story has the strength to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. These are the kind of questions that go through my head now. We have to put in our best efforts to ensure that we give audiences exactly what we’ve promised,” he says.

Rishi adds that he is aware that he alone cannot deliver on this promise and that it is about team effort and that the vision of everyone associated with a project has to align to make this happen. And that, he says, is the biggest challenge. Sometimes everything falls in place and at others, it doesn’t, says the actor. “My focus is on presenting the best effort, which is why sometimes I don’t pick up certain films. I should be confident and believe that I can tell people to come to the theatres to watch my film. I want audiences to trust my judgement,” he signs off.

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