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Rupankar Bagchi is trolled again after commenting on Arijit Singh’s photo

Trolls dug up his earlier comment on KK 

Rupankar Bagchi is trolled again after commenting on Arijit Singh’s photo
Arijit singh and Rupankar

Last Updated: 11.56 PM, Feb 26, 2023


Rupankar Bagchi is still haunted by the controversy that took place after KK’s demise. He is trolled time and again on social media in the context of any of his comments. Recently, he was trolled after commenting on Arijit Singh’s picture. The netizens taunted him under his comment, “Who is Arijit Singh?” Earlier, on a social media video, Rupankar had said, “Who is KK?”  

Arijit Singh is not much active on Facebook. The Gerua-singer recently changed his profile picture on Facebook. The picture shows Arijit, who is a disciple of Swami Vivekananda, giving a pranam on the stage. He is wearing a black dress and a turban with the Gayatri mantra written over it. This was a DP of 2021, which came back again. The DP garnered lots of likes and comments. Rupankar wrote, ‘Take love,’ under the picture, and that attracted the trolls. 

Referring to his past comment on KK, someone wrote, “Who is Arijit Singh man?” Then it drew more sarcasm. Someone asked Rupankar whether he is jealous of Arijit’s fame. Someone else asked, “Are you suffering from an inferiority complex regarding Arijit?” Many Arijit fans wrote, “Let it be, you do not need to love Arijit.” 

In May last year, Rupankar expressed his unhappiness on Facebook about the mass frenzy regarding KK’s concert in Kolkata. Within 24 hours of posting this, KK died while performing on the stage in Kolkata. Rupankar was turned into a villain in the net world, and calls for boycotting him were raised. He lost several projects. Then he sought an unconditional apology in a press conference. He has been trying to come back to normal life for the last few months. 

What is Rupankar's reaction? He told the media, “I am ignoring this. I will not comment.” He is trying to stay away from the negativity. There are many people also who do not support attacking Rupankar. They took his side and said, “It is not fair to attack someone time and again for an old mistake.” 

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