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Salaar director Prashanth Neel has enough material for 10 films on Khansaar, says Prithviraj Sukumaran

Prithviraj Sukumaran brimmed with praise for his 'Salaar' director who, he believes, just knows how to instil a sense of ownership in just about everyone on the sets.

Salaar director Prashanth Neel has enough material for 10 films on Khansaar, says Prithviraj Sukumaran
Prashanth Neel and Prithviraj Sukumaran

Last Updated: 07.30 PM, Dec 17, 2023


Prithviraj Sukumaran recently offered an idea of the lengths that writer-director Prashanth Neel goes to in order to bring his stories to life. Speaking to Baradwaj Rangan about 'Salaar: Part 1 - Ceasefire', the Malayalam superstar revealed that he was blown away by the depth of Neel's writing and shared an anecdote from one of their earlier meeting in Hyderabad.

While shooting 'Bro Daddy' in the city a couple of years ago, Prithviraj would meet Prashanth Neel at the latter's office quite late in the day and a casual meeting about 'Salaar' would somehow reveal the amount of work and effort that the writer-director puts into his creations.

"I happened to glance at the wall (in the office) while eating and there was a huge board sprawled across, on which he had written down the history of Khansaar - where this place is in the geopolitical map of the Indian subcontinent, what the different clans and tribes of Khansaar are, what the relations between these clans are, the characters, what each means to another, what the significance of each piece of jewellery is, etc. He has written enough material for about 10 films on Khansaar to make this 2.5-hour film," disclosed the 'Aadujeevitham' actor.

That isn't the only praise that Prithviraj Sukumaran showered on Prashanth Neel. He says that the writer-director, contrary to the nature of his own films, is actually the nicest, calmest, most gentle and even the funniest person on the sets. More importantly, Prashanth Neel how to imbue the entire crew - from the main actors to the last of assistants - with a sense of ownership for the film. 

"He instils (in you) a sense of being another stakeholder in the making of the film," says Prithviraj, before highlighting that Prashanth Neel would accommodate an actor's vision wholeheartedly, should it be felt justified. 

Very recently, actor Prabhas spoke about Prashanth Neel being the best director he has personally worked with in his career. In the same vein, he added that Neel not only makes his actors comfortable but also believes in not making any of them wait on the sets. 

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