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Salaar’s latest leaked picture convinces netizens even more that it is the remake of Ugramm

From the time Prashant Neel began working on the film with Prabhas, there have been murmurs that he’s giving the Sriimurali film a larger canvas in Telugu, and the visuals emerging from the set also point in that direction

Salaar’s latest leaked picture convinces netizens even more that it is the remake of Ugramm
Prabhas in a poster of Salaar

Last Updated: 09.36 AM, Jan 28, 2023


There are multiple theories about what director Prashant Neel’s much talked about film with Prabhas, Salaar, is all about. The film is said to be a part of the filmmaker’s gangsterverse, which includes KGF and its protagonist Rocky Bhai, but the most popular theory floating around is that Salaar is nothing but the remake of Prashant’s debut Ugramm, which had Sriimurali in the lead, albeit on a much bigger and better scale.

Screengrab of the leaked image
Screengrab of the leaked image

By Sriimurali’s own admission, Ugramm is the film that gave his career a renewed boost, but making it, was far from easy. There were funding issues and the film was, eventually, completed over four years and a massive 350 schedules. Loved by audiences, the film was a commercial disaster, even though it had a 150-day run in some theatres.

Fans have often speculated that Salaar is Prashant’s reimagined version of Ugramm, a film that has already seen remakes in Odia and Marathi. In fact, in earlier interviews, music director Ravi Basrur, who worked on Ugramm and KGF for Prashant and is on board Salaar too, had said that it is public knowledge that Prabhas’ film is the remake of Ugramm. While reports and speculations to the contrary crop up every now and then, the latest leaked image from the set, which has Prabhas squatting to talk to a woman, has convinced netizens about the Ugramm connect, claiming that it is either the scene in which Sriimurali’s Agastya says, “Avnu barovargu kaytiya, ila nane enadru maḍla”, or one in which he gets a lion tattoo. In fact, this was a major discussion point when some of the early official images of Prabhas from Salaar emerged, in which much of his left arm is all covered up, presumably to hide the tattoo and any reference to his violent past.

Here's a look at all that netizens are discussing: 

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