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Salman Khan's Tiger 3, Jacob Elordi’s Saltburn, and more | Top five films on Prime Video worldwide

Salman Khan's Tiger 3 is not only trending in India, but also worldwide. Interestingly, the film is also trending on Google as second most popular thriller movie

Salman Khan's Tiger 3, Jacob Elordi’s Saltburn, and more | Top five films on Prime Video worldwide

Tiger 3, Saltburn

Last Updated: 01.47 AM, Jan 21, 2024


Moving away from Netflix, let's dive into the captivating world of Prime Video and explore its current trending films. Topping the charts, and arguably raising some eyebrows, is Salman Khan's action-packed film - Tiger 3. Not only dominating the Indian viewership, but holding a strong global position, the film has cemented its place in the top ten since its Prime Video debut.

However, here we have curated four other films that are trending on Prime Video right now.


This Emerald Fennell-directorial has been making quite headlines since its theatrical release last year, and now ruling the no.1 position on Prime Video. This thriller-comedy is about two teenage boys - Felix, who is a billionaire’s son and Oliver, who belongs from a middle-class family. Feeling terrible about Oliver's bad home life, Felix asks him to stay at his big house. But soon scary things start happening to Felix's family one after another. Rosamund Pike garnered immense appreciation for her role as Felix’s mother - Elspeth Catton.


Role Play

This film stars Kaley Cuoco, who is famous for the role of Penny in Big Bang theory. Dark secrets from the past cast a shadow over a young couple - Emma and Dave’s love story, leaving them questioning everything they thought they knew. The film is currently ruling the no.2 position on Prime Video.


This Garth Davis-directorial stars Paul Mescal, Aaron Pierre and Saoirse Ronan. It tells a story about Hen and Junior, who lived a peaceful life, but one day, a surprise visitor knocked on their door. This stranger wasn't just anyone, they had a crazy idea that turned Hen and Junior's world upside down! Now, things are anything but quiet for them. The film is currently ruling the no.3 position on Prime Video.


This Ben Affleck-starrer was released last year. It tells a story about Danny, a detective, who is trying to solve weird crimes that bend reality. He gets help from Diana, who can see things others can't. At the same time, Danny's chasing a mysterious bad guy who might know where his missing daughter is. It's a wild ride with twists and turns. The crime-thriller is currently ruling the no.4 position on Prime Video.

Tiger 3

This is the one and only Indian film that is highly trending worldwide currently on Prime Video. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif have returned to reprise their outstanding roles as spy agents. Someone who really hates Tiger, and he has hatched a nasty plan, so Tiger has to set off on a big adventure to keep his family safe and prove he's done nothing wrong. It's super exciting, maybe a little scary, but Tiger is brave and won't give up to bring justice. Tiger 3 is ruling no.5 position on the streaming giant.

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