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Salman Khan's Tiger 3 roars across continents on Prime Video | Dominating Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UAE, and beyond

After smashing the box office with over Rs. 470 Crore, Tiger 3 is now reigning on Amazon Prime Video since January 7, 2024

Salman Khan's Tiger 3 roars across continents on Prime Video | Dominating Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UAE, and beyond

Tiger 3

Last Updated: 12.35 AM, Jan 14, 2024


After months of anticipation, Salman Khan roared back into theatres last year with the long-awaited return of his beloved Tiger franchise. Second only to Dabangg in the hearts of Indian audiences, the Tiger series has consistently smashed box office records since its 2012 debut with Ek Tha Tiger. No release date, be it a holiday or a Tuesday, can hold back the box office dominance of Salman Khan when he unleashes the thrilling Tiger adventure.

Tiger 3 ruling Prime Video

Tiger 3 is not just a box office champion, it's a global phenomenon. After reigning on the Indian box office, the film has stormed onto Amazon Prime Video, captivating audiences far beyond its homeland. Since dropping on January 7, 2024, Tiger 3 has roared to trending status in countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, and beyond.

Fans in India are fueling Tiger 3's fiery comeback! Amazon Prime Video revealed on January 13 that the action thriller is burning up their top 10 charts across the globe, with India leading the charge.

Salman Khan's charisma

Like a seasoned vintage, Salman Khan only gets better with time in YRF's spy universe. Even at 58, his charismatic persona and undeniable screen presence remain electrifying. His physical prowess in high-octane sequences is unmatched, while his delivery of witty one-liners and fiery screen presence leave audiences wanting more and more. His ability to seamlessly transition between action and romance is a true evidence of his versatility.

About Tiger vs. Pathaan

We can't wait for Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan to team up again in their new movie, Tiger vs. Pathaan! Remember when they kicked butt together on top of that train in Pathaan? That was unimaginable! We are now even more excited to see what they will do in a whole new movie together. It's going to be epic!

Still from Pathaan
Still from Pathaan

Currently we only know little about Tiger vs. Pathaan like - Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan's collaboration under the YRF banner, which will be directed by Siddharth Anand again. Last year it was revealed that the film will go on floor in 2025, and is supposed to release in 2026. No worries! Let's just give Aditya Chopra enough time to bring us the saga that will make history in India cinema.

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