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Samantha Ruth Prabhu starts a health podcast to spread awareness about autoimmune conditions

Actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu dropped the first episode of her health wellness podcast on YouTube

Samantha Ruth Prabhu starts a health podcast to spread awareness about autoimmune conditions
Samantha Ruth Prabhu in Shaakuntalam.

Last Updated: 07.28 PM, Feb 19, 2024


In 2023, south superstar Samantha Ruth Prabhu revealed that she was suffering from an autoimmune condition called Myositis, a medical condition characterised by the immune system mistakenly attacking the muscles, leading to chronic inflammation and recurrent episodes of swelling. A year later, the actress has started a health wellness podcast, as she aims to spread awareness about autoimmune conditions and how you can prevent them.

Teaser of Take 20

Sharing the news about her health podcast called Take 20, the actress posted its teaser on her Instagram handle, stating that her goal is to share health-related information that had been gathered through years of research and experience. And this was the knowledge that she herself wished to have gained earlier. The teaser also showed her deep conversation with wellness coach and nutritionist Alkesh Sharotri.

The first episode of the podcast dropped on YouTube on February 19. The podcast starts with Alkesh explaining what autoimmunity is. Sometimes our immune system rather than fighting the bacteria and infections, ends up attacking our own tissues, Alkesh explained.

Rise of autoimmune cases

When Samantha asked why the cases of autoimmunity are on the rise, Alkesh responded by saying that it is because of the life we are leading. He explained that the amount of environmental toxins we have been consuming has been higher than ever, leading to an exponential rise in autoimmune cases.

Alkesh continued to explain that most of the detox happens when we are asleep and because of the stressful life we are leading nowadays, the body does not get proper sleep hampering the process of detoxifying. He said that if we are always stressed and forward-looking, the body cannot differentiate between an actual and a perceived threat. So even when you are asleep, the mind is constantly at work making it harder to detoxify.

Commenting about her own life, Samantha revealed that the year before she was diagnosed with Myositis, she had been going through a stressful year which might have added to her condition.

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