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Sameera Reddy recalls how her career started with Pankaj Udhas’ song Ahista - ‘Everything I am today...’

Sameera Reddy mourned the passing of ghazal artist Pankaj Udhas, while reminiscing the significant influence his music had on her professional life.  

Sameera Reddy recalls how her career started with Pankaj Udhas’ song Ahista - ‘Everything I am today...’
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Last Updated: 08.23 PM, Feb 26, 2024


Sameera Reddy is devastated to learn about renowned ghazal singer Pankaj Udhas' demise. The ghazal singer, 72, passed away after a prolonged illness on Monday. Sameera, who appeared in the singer's music video for Ahista, reminisced on the influence the singer had on her career. Read on...  

Sameera’s career started with Pankaj Udhas’ song 


"My career started with that one song. Everything I am today began with his beautiful song Ahista,” remarked Sameera, during a conversation with India Today. She also mentioned that it was truly an honour and privilege to be a part of that age when great songs were sung and stunning videos were shot, and that beauty is definitely missing today. Sharing further, Sameera said that we simply cannot forget that golden time, and since he is a legend, nobody will ever be able to forget Pankaj Udhas. She added, “It's really heartbreaking to hear of his loss.”  

On working with Pankaj Udhas  

Speaking about her collaboration with the legend, Sameera said, "Strangely enough, I shot the video in Australia but never got to meet him at that time as we had two different shooting locations.". However, she ran into Udhas years later at a party where the late ghazal maestro had greeted her with his trademark warm smile and mentioned, “So wonderful to finally meet you after our song became a hit.” Sameera recalled receiving a lot of marriage proposals because of his song. That song represented a significant turning point in her life and sparked her cinematic career. She informed him that it was because of the song—people recognised her and, as a result, she was cast in an acting role.  

Pankaj Udhas: A timeless music legend  

An icon in the Indian music industry, Pankaj Udhas was especially well-known for his ghazals. Music lovers held a particular place for him in their hearts because of his passionate lyrics and silky voice, which connected with a broad audience. In addition to his accomplishments in music, Udhas was well-known for his charitable work and active support of social welfare projects and charitable causes.  

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