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Sampurna becomes the most viewed show on Hoichoi in one month

Sohini Sarkar and Rajnandini Paul’s show is directed by Sayantan Ghosal and delves into the issue of marital rape in India.

Sampurna becomes the most viewed show on Hoichoi in one month
Rajnandini Paul and Sohini Sarkar

Last Updated: 11.34 AM, Sep 01, 2022


Sohini Sarkar and Rajnandini Paul’s Sampurna has been appreciated by viewers and critics alike. Now the show has become the most watched series on Hoichoi in one month. Directed by Sayantan Ghosal, the series was dropped on the OTT platform by the end of July. Now it has recorded the highest one-month viewership in August. Besides Sohini and Rajnandini, the show also features Anubhav Kanjilal, Arijita Mukhopadhyay, Laboni Sarkar and others. 

Talking about receiving this great of a response from the viewers, Sohini Sarkar, who plays the lead Sampurna in the show, said, “The fact that Sampurna has been so well-received by the audiences gives me hope as a woman. It shows that viewers are now receptive to content that not only aims to entertain them but also sends across a strong and necessary message. I’m grateful that all our efforts got acknowledged and a story like this not only got told but also received great responses, giving it the highest one-month viewership on the platform”

Adding to this director Sayantan Ghosal said, “I’m glad that the audience received this story so whole-heartedly and made it the series with the highest one-month viewership on the platform. This project is very special to us as it brings to light a subject like marital rape, which is very prevalent but not spoken about enough. This series holds a special place for not just me but the entire team of Sampurna and I'm glad that the audience saw our effort and loved it.”

Sampurna delves into the life of a happily married woman, played by Sohini. After her husband’s brother, her brother-in-law, gets married, she welcomes the newlywed bride, Rajnandini, wholeheartedly. Soon she learns that the newlywed bride has been subjected to marital rape. The story then encompasses her fight against her husband, in-laws, her own family, and the whole society against this oppressive abuse that is apparent in every other household. Sampurna is a story about a woman’s fight against marital rape and societal injustice is now streaming exclusively on Hoichoi. 

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