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Scam 2003: The Telgi Story Vol II trailer: Gagan Dev Riar’s return as Abdul Karim Telgi promises revenge

Scam 2003: The Telgi Story's initial episodes are currently streaming on SonyLIV

Scam 2003: The Telgi Story Vol II trailer: Gagan Dev Riar’s return as Abdul Karim Telgi promises revenge
Scam 2003 - The Telgi Story

Last Updated: 05.34 PM, Oct 18, 2023


Scam 2003 is back. The second volume of the show is about to release soon and the makes have unveiled the trailer of the same. Gagan Dev Riar returns in the role of Abdul Karim Telgi. This time, we get to see how his scam was exposed and how the business-minded Telgi is now out to get revenge. He has not only recorded tapes with politicians and the police but is also about to name someone. Telgi wants to drag someone down in the scam with him. Who is that name?

The Telgi scam exposed

The stamp paper scam was exposed in 2003. The newly released trailer shows us the volume of the scam by Abdul Karim Telgi. In the trailer, we see the stamp papers being measured on a weighing scale. This is done instead of studying each document to understand the level of the scam. Since the stamp paper scam was on such a huge scale, there was no other way to measure than use a weighing scale.

Khakhi and khadi on his side

In the trailer, Abdul makes it clear that both cops as well as politicians are his own men and women. “Khakhi apni hai, khadi bhi,” he is heard saying. And when the scenario changes, Telgi is ready to face that too. How did he manipulate them? Through the ‘sone ki hathkadi’ (golden watches).

Telgi exposes a name

At the end of the trailer, Telgi is about to expose a name. The teaser of the show itself gave us an idea about Telgi recording people he interacted with on a regular basis. This gives you an idea that he was ready to expose them all. Who will he expose though, remains a mystery.


When and where to watch all episodes of Scam 2003

The first part of Scam 2003 is already out on SonyLIV and OTTplay Premium. It gives you the first instance on where Telgi was exposed. It happened when he spent a humongous sum of money on a bar dancer in one night. The second part of the show, which further exposes the scam, will release on November 3.

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