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Serena Williams confessed to being “not okay today” in susceptible social media post

Serena Williams tweeted a vulnerable message to let her fans know that she was not doing okay, and that it was perfectly fine to feel that way. Her comforting tweet inspired several of her fans.

Serena Williams confessed to being “not okay today” in susceptible social media post

Last Updated: 04.33 AM, Nov 29, 2023


23-time Grand Slam Tennis champ Serena Williams has been candid about her mental health and feelings for years. In a recent, reassuring tweet, on Tuesday, the tennis pro posted on X, formerly twitter, “I am not ok today. And that’s ok to not be ok. No one is ok every single day. If you are not ok today I’m with you. There’s always tomorrow. Love you.”

Her post was met with unianimous support and gratitude from fans as they appreciated her candour and the personal connection it developed between both parties. One fan wrote, “I hope you feel better lady. You’re absolutely right. It’s ok not to be okay sometimes, and to acknowledge it. But, here’s the thing. Put on some feel good music and do the running man throughout the house. It might just lifet your spirit.”

Another tweeted, “This spoke to me. Thank you for these energy giving words. I have prayed for you, you will be okay! I will be okay also.” A third penned, “Millions need and needed to hear this. God bless you and yours.” Another aptly noted, “...and that’s ok too! So expect much lovr back. Your light has illuminated many.”

This is not the tennis pro’s first time opening up as Serena has been vocal about mental health struggle for years, especially after her daughter Alexis Olympia’s birth and her postpartum complications in 2017. After her daughter’s emergency C-section birth, Williams nearly died from complications involving pulmonary embolism, and suffered from postpartum depression soon after.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK in 2018, Williams admitted to feeling like she still has to “deal with it,” referring to postpartum depression. She asserted how more people need to talk about it as the disorder has become an integral complication of most pregnancies these days. Serena recalled a particular upsetting memory, “I remember one day, I couldn’t find Olympia’s bottle and I got so upset that I started crying...because I wanted to be perfect for her.”

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