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Sexy Beast trailer- The show offers a firsthand view of London’s volatile crime scene in the ‘90s

Paramount+ is finally here with its prequel spinoff on the eponymous 2000 film Sexy Beast. This crime drama series gives a proper look into the humble origin of Gal & Don, as well as their friendship.

Sexy Beast trailer- The show offers a firsthand view of London’s volatile crime scene in the ‘90s
A still from the trailer of Sexy Beast (2024)

Last Updated: 01.50 PM, Jan 11, 2024


Sexy Beast comes as a prequel to the 2000 crime drama of the same name, by exploring protagonist Gal and his iconic antagonistic buddy Don’s origin story, tracing their friendship and climb up the criminal ladder. From being basic thieves, to becoming expert heisters, Sexy Beast tells it all, along with the love story of DeeDee and Gal.

The prequel series is slated for a January 25 release on Paramount+. The trailer was dropped today and featured a violent yet almost amusingly sardonic approach to the backstory of Gal and Don. The clip highlighted Don’s eccentricities and violent outbursts, while harping on Gal and DeeDee’s blooming romance to add a potent mix of romance and action.


The time is the 1990s, and the scene is London’s seedy and violent crime underbelly. Gal and Don are small-time thieves, focusing on making do with casino machine-robberies and having debauched escapades. But it all changes when life brings Teddy, the head hardman, who is considering the two for a big, life-changing heist.

While Don’s described by Paul Kaye’s character as a hothead who is loyal but not ‘all there upstairs,’ Gal, his composed and fun-loving buddy gets more entranced by the charms and reality of DeeDee, whom he meets at a club.

Now, it is up to Gal to reign in Don’s explosive temper and erratic choices, while he himself must maintain the delicate balance between love and crime, all the while staying on the right side of his boss and the law, of course.

With heist films and shows ruling the OTT market, Sexy Beast’s revival arrives in time to knock some grit back into the genre. The show features in the leading roles James McArdle as Gal, Emun Elliott as Don, and Sarah Greene as DeeDee, along with a talented supporting cast.

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