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Shah Rukh Khan gives an enthusiastic reaction to Salman Khan's Tiger 3 teaser: Bhai bhai hi hai!

Shah Rukh Khan is overly excited for Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif's Tiger 3, which is hitting the big screen this Diwali.

Shah Rukh Khan gives an enthusiastic reaction to Salman Khan's Tiger 3 teaser: Bhai bhai hi hai!
Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan

Last Updated: 05.01 PM, Sep 27, 2023


Shah Rukh Khan is back at it! The superstar is once again back with his Ask SRK session on X, and the minute he posted about it, users bombarded him with several questions and requests. A fan asked one of the most anticipated questions, and the Jawan star provided a prompt response as well. Yes, Shah Rukh's reaction to Tiger 3 is here, and the superstar is indeed excited for the film.

Shah Rukh's enthusiastic reaction to Tiger Ka Message:

The user asked him on X, "Watched the Tiger 3 teaser?" To which SRK replied, "Tiger 3 is looking awesome. Bhai Bhai hi hai! Loved it…."

Another user also asked a similar question about his views on the Tiger 3 teaser, and the superstar replied, "Yeh toh teaser hai... Tiger… picture abhi baaki hai mere dost. It will be stunning (inside info de raha hoon) ha ha!!!"

Tiger Ka Message piques interest among fans:


Meanwhile, talking about Tiger 3, in anticipation of Maneesh Sharma's film, which is scheduled for release around Diwali this year, Aditya Chopra released a video titled Tiger Ka Message, in which it is revealed that Tiger is in danger after being framed as enemy number 1! The trailer explains the film's premise, showing how Tiger risks his life to seek revenge on his adversaries and would do anything to redeem himself in the eyes of his country and his family.

Tiger 3 also features Shah Rukh in an extended cameo appearance, reprising his role from this year's blockbuster, Pathaan. Salman also made an appearance for an exciting action sequence in the Siddharth Anand film, which created a storm at the box office.

YRF Spy Universe is creating the right buzz:

Meanwhile, beginning with the video Tiger Ka Message—a teaser for the upcoming trailer for Tiger 3—the marketing campaign has officially begun. Aditya is slowly but surely expanding the YRF Spy Universe with the release of films like Tiger 3, starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. This is the fifth instalment in the YRF Spy Universe, and fans have become engrossed in the continuing adventures of Tiger, Kabir, and Pathaan, three super spies.

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