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Tiger 3: After War's Hrithik Roshan and Pathaan's Shah Rukh Khan, it's Salman Khan's turn to prove he is not India's enemy No. 1

Salman Khan is back in action with the Tiger 3 teaser, revealing a high-stakes mission. The third film in the Tiger franchise is directed by Maneesh Sharma.

Tiger 3: After War's Hrithik Roshan and Pathaan's Shah Rukh Khan, it's Salman Khan's turn to prove he is not India's enemy No. 1
Salman Khan in Tiger 3

Last Updated: 12.23 PM, Sep 27, 2023


In Yash Raj Films' Tiger 3, Salman Khan returns to his iconic role as super agent Tiger, or Avinash Singh Rathore. In anticipation of Maneesh Sharma's Tiger 3, which is scheduled for release around the year's major Diwali holiday window, Aditya Chopra has just released a video titled Tiger Ka Message, in which it is revealed that Tiger is in danger after being framed as enemy number 1! This teaser explains the film's premise, showing how Tiger risks his life to seek revenge on his adversaries and would do anything to redeem himself in the eyes of his country and his family.

Tiger's past adventures:

Tiger Zinda Hai, which was released in 2017, was directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and ended with Tiger and Zoya (Salman and Katrina) saving Indian and Pakistani nurses who were held hostage in Iraq by a militant. Meanwhile, Salman made an appearance as Tiger in Pathaan, featuring Shah Rukh Khan in the titular role. Tiger saves Pathaan in Russia, which comprises an extensive action sequence set in a goods train. After they successfully kill the enemies, Tiger tells Pathaan that he is on a mission and will need his help soon.

Intriguing connection between Pathaan and Tiger's mission:

Interestingly, in the Siddharth Anand directorial, Tiger makes a quick appearance to save Pathaan as he comes out of nowhere on the rescue mission. This might also give a glimpse of the fact that Tiger was already on a mission, and it was just his purpose to even get Pathaan on board in order to help him prove his innocence. An interesting fact is that Pathaan was also declared a traitor while in Russia after Deepika Padukone's character Rubayi betrayed him on the command of Jim (John Abraham).

A pattern of spies proving innocence:

Another fact is that the previous film of the YRF Spy Universe, War, also had Hrithik Roshan on a mission to declare that he is not the country's enemy, when the apparent mission was to hunt him down, hinting that he has gone rogue. But he also proves his innocence when the enemy, Tiger Shroff, is actually shown as the main villain going under the knife while the actual Khalid is dead.


Tiger 3 once again sets the premise that a spy has gone rogue and has to prove his innocence to the country, showing that he can never be India's enemy but will always fight for the country. However, this fight has been on for a decade for Tiger as he marries Pakistan's ISI Agent Zoya (Katrina Kaif), and they moved away from their work, but not entirely.

Anticipating the YRF Spy Universe:

We have to wait and watch how the actual story of Tiger 3 turns out and how it also makes way for War 2 as well as Tiger vs. Pathaan, the next two films in the YRF Spy Universe. 

Tiger 3 is set to hit the big screen during the Diwali weekend this year. 

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