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Shah Rukh Khan: Jawan has a strong take on women empowerment

During the latest #AskSRK session held on X (formerly known as Twitter), megastar Shah Rukh Khan revealed what the essence of his upcoming movie underlines.

Shah Rukh Khan: Jawan has a strong take on women empowerment

A still of Shah Rukh Khan from the movie, Jawan. 

Last Updated: 04.24 PM, Aug 10, 2023


With barely a month left before the theatrical release of Jawan, it is evident that fans of megastar Shah Rukh Khan can’t keep calm. From putting up posters in various cities to dancing to the tunes of Zinda Banda (a song from the film), SRK fans are surely awaiting the release of the film.

In the latest development today, Shah Rukh Khan’s fan asked him what the motto behind the creation of this project is. Replying to a fan on the #AskSRK session held on X (formerly known as Twitter), he wrote, "The film has a strong take on women empowerment—how to respect and stand for them. #Jawan (sic)" 

Continuing the session, another fan asked Shah Rukh Khan about the approximate time it took him to wrap up Jawan. Shah Rukh funnily replied, "Took a little longer than it should have. Poor @Atlee_dir has become less Jawan haha. But as they say, Rome was not….etc etc. #Jawan." 

Not only this, but Shah Rukh Khan feels that Jawan is not just an action thriller but is also an "emotional drama". 

Have a look at some of his laugh-worthy tweets on the social media platform.

Earlier in the day, Bollywood's shining star, Shah Rukh Khan, lit up the spirits of his ardent fans with a delightful surprise! The esteemed 57-year-old luminary has unveiled a fresh and captivating poster from his highly anticipated movie, Jawan, through his official Twitter handle.

The poster paints a vivid picture as Shah Rukh Khan aptly characterizes himself, along with the acclaimed actors Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi, as the epitome of daring, dazzle, and danger. SRK's tweet resonated with conviction as he exclaimed, "The embodiment of Daring. The epitome of Dazzling. The essence of Dangerous." He further announced that Jawan is set to enthrall audiences worldwide on September 7, 2023, in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages.

The poster itself presents Shah Rukh Khan casting an intense gaze towards the left, while Vijay magnetically draws attention with his commanding presence on the right. At the heart of this arresting visual, Nayanthara stands poised at the center, exuding an aura of determination, as she readies herself to unleash a torrent of bullets upon her adversaries.

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