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Shah Rukh Khan not approached for Dhoom 4; Suriya to Ranveer Singh - here's a list of actors we think should be

The recent buzz around Dhoom 4 left us thinking what if these actors were cast in the franchise.

Shah Rukh Khan not approached for Dhoom 4; Suriya to Ranveer Singh - here's a list of actors we think should be
Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Shah Rukh Khan, and Suriya

Last Updated: 06.40 PM, Dec 31, 2023


While we now celebrate machismo and men hell-bent on saving something precious violently, by cracking bones and beating goons to a pulp, and coming out of all this without a single scratch on their chiseled bodies, there has been a franchise in Bollywood that was shaped with the thought of serving top-notch action and some world-class heist stories. Whether the heist stories were world-class or not, only the audiences and Aditya Chopra can tell because we are talking about Dhoom. Shah Rukh Khan became the latest star to be associated with the franchise, and we all got curious.

If you were anywhere near social media, there is no way you wouldn’t have seen reports that Shah Rukh Khan has been approached to play the anti-hero in Dhoom 4, and that RRR-fame Ram Charan has been eyed to play the investigator/police officer opposite him. Fans were shocked and happily surprised because King Khan has had three successful films after his comeback, and the announcement that he will headline the fourth Dhoom film after Aamir Khan is big news.

But turns out the happiness was short-lived because the very next day (today), we were told that it is not true and that no one has approached Shah Rukh Khan for Dhoom 4. But our broken heart made us think, if not SRK, who can take the franchise ahead? So, we at OTTplay list down actors who can play the anti-hero in Dhoom 4 and also the police officers.

Ranveer Singh As Robber

We had to mention the closest fruit. He is already Don, and now if by any chance Aditya Chopra thinks of him to be the face for Dhoom, the sky is the limit for Ranveer Singh who has proved that he can do anything. For an actor so seasoned, playing an anti-hero sounds like a fun idea. Add to it, it’s been a while since we have seen Ranveer being serious and very suave. This might be our chance.

Ranbir Kapoor As Robber

Ranbir at the moment is probably associated with one of the most violent characters, but he has got the style to be the anti-hero in Dhoom 4. Now that he has proven that he can tap into the darkness of a very odd character, probably a brutal twist to the heist franchise might work. Maybe Ranbir Kapoor will aim to play a violent character with some nuances, instead of a pointless man-child (Yes, Animal is a badly made film).

Mahesh Babu As Robber

Imagine the man known for his charm and gentlemanly nature using exactly the same traits to be a heist master. Are you already getting Professor vibes? Well, Mahesh Babu is the perfect choice to pull off a script like that. A man who forms a team to steal something very big. The south star’s Hindi film debut has been one of the biggest questions, and what other than the massive Dhoom franchise to do it at this juncture.

Deepika Padukone As Robber

Why should boys have all the fun? An installment to Dhoom where a woman is the mastermind of the heist and not just a character to dance around is what this franchise ultimately needs. Katrina Kaif in Dhoom 3 was a treat to watch, but it was mostly her dance that got highlighted. A Deepika Padukone-centric movie with her being a badass robber will be just perfect.

Vicky Kaushal As Cop

As Ram Charan has yet not confirmed nor denied the news, we will still consider the entries are open. Imagine Vicky Kaushal as the cop going against the aforementioned people in a YRF movie. This is the case of dreams, and the actor is completely capable of bringing the Abhishek Bachchan-like vibe to this project.

Suriya As Cop

Suriya has proved that he can do anything at this point, and if he is in an out-and-out commercial movie as big as Dhoom 4, we can already see what magic he can pull off on the big screen. Add to it that the actor comes with an enigmatic screen presence making him as badass as the anti-hero he is about to fight.

Bring Back John Abraham

Last but not least, we wrote this article leading to this point where we can request Aditya Chopra to bring back John Abraham to the franchise. The first Dhoom has iconic written all over it, and Abraham deserves credit for it. Maybe bring him back with a new ensemble cast where he can be a mentor to the heist as his character from the first film. The franchise needs to be blessed by his charm again.

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