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Shaktimaan movie: Did Ranveer Singh just confirm he is working with Ravi Varman and Basil Joseph?

It looks like the much-awaited Shaktimaan film, being made by Sony Pictures, is finally going to be a reality

Shaktimaan movie: Did Ranveer Singh just confirm he is working with Ravi Varman and Basil Joseph?

Still of Basil Joseph with Ravi Varman and still of Ranveer Singh

Last Updated: 09.23 PM, Jul 31, 2023


Last year, Sony Pictures announced that they would make the Shaktimaan movie a reality. The adaptation rights were acquired for a trilogy, but the production house chose not to disclose any more details about the movie. In the midst of all this, there were reports about Minnal Murali director Basil Joseph and Ranveer Singh being roped in for the project. But Sony Pictures kept mum, and no official announcements were made regarding the trilogy.

Now rumours have begun once again after Ranveer commented on a photo shared by cinematographer Ravi Varman in which he is seen posing with Basil. Ranveer's comment read, "Ya beautiful thala love you love basil great guys and number one jodi."

Fans immediately made a connection between the post and Shaktimaan, concluding that the photo was taken after a discussion between the three of them about Shaktimaan.


Earlier, there were reports about Shaktimaan actor Mukesh Khanna approaching top directors in Bollywood to helm the film. At the same time, a Bollywood team was reportedly in discussions with Basil to take up the project. But Basil denied the rumours to OTTplay when we approached him.

Shaktimaan was a popular television show that aired on Doordarshan in the late 1990s. The lead character was a superhero who gained his superpowers through some meditation.

Mukesh Khanna in Shakitmaan
Mukesh Khanna in Shakitmaan

Mukesh had earlier shared some details about the film through his YouTube channel, Bheeshm. He cited the scale of the film as a reason for its delay. He said that the movie, which is mounted on an international scale, will be made on a budget of Rs 200 crore-Rs 300 crore. Mukesh also confirmed his association with the project, saying that Shaktimaan would not be possible without him.

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