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Sharan’s Avatara Purusha 2 release date pushed ahead again

The much-delayed second instalment of director Suni’s dark magic film, Avatara Purusha Trishankupayanam will now get Sharan’s Choo Mantar’s release date

Sharan’s Avatara Purusha 2 release date pushed ahead again
Sharan in a still from Avatara Purusha 2

Last Updated: 01.27 PM, Mar 14, 2024


A few days ago, it was announced that actor Sharan’s first release since 2022’s Guru Shishyaru, would be the much-delayed sequel to Avatara Purusha Ashtadigbandana Mandalaka – Avatara Purusha Trishankupayanam. March 22 was said to be its date with audiences, which, netizens thought was not a good choice, as it was sandwiched between the re-release of Puneeth Rajkumar’s Jackie and the big launch of Yuva Rajkumar, Yuva.

At the time, it was also said that Sharan would have another release in quick succession, with his film Choo Mantar set for April 5. Two Sharan films in such short notice did not seem right, and it looks like the teams behind these movies have decided against it. What they’ve done now is that Avatara Purusha 2 has been pushed ahead and gets Choo Mantar’s date, April 5, while the new date for the latter is yet to be officially announced. Sources tell OTTplay that Choo Mantar, directed by Navneeth, will be in theatres only after elections, so, June-July looks more likely.


Avatara Purusha 2, according to Sharan, is where the crux of the story actually unfolds. “The Trishanku mani has been hidden away by Bramha Jois (Ayyappa Sharma), in his ancestral home, where Rama Jois (Saikumar) and his wife Susheela (Bhavya) live. At the end of Avatara Purusha Ashtadigbandana Mandalaka, it is revealed that my character Anila is not just a junior film artiste – he’s also trained in magic and seems to be after the Trishanku Mani, as also are Dharka (Ashutosh Rana) and Kumara (Srinagara Kitty). There is a hint that Kumara may actually be Rama Jois’ long-lost son, a plot point that will be explored in the sequel,” Sharan had explained.

The film, adds the actor, will take audiences on a journey into the Trishanku loka, a quest that the protagonist and the antagonists are on. “The beholder of the Trishanku mani will have immense power bestowed upon him. Dharka and Kumara’s intentions are evil, while Anila’s are vague. Right now, it is not clear if he’s trying to protect the Trishanku Mani from evil forces or wants it for himself. All will be revealed in Trishankupayanam,” says Sharan.

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