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Shark Tank India 2 finale: A pitcher’s aim to enhance the dignity of the mobility impaired touches the sharks

Amit Jain and Anupam Mittal were moved to share their personal stories as well.

Shark Tank India 2 finale: A pitcher’s aim to enhance the dignity of the mobility impaired touches the sharks

Last Updated: 11.31 PM, Mar 09, 2023


A number of entrepreneurs who made their way onto Shark Tank India 2 came to the tank with noble purposes- to improve the lives of various communities of people around them. The finale episode of the latest season of the business reality show saw yet another entrepreneur take to the tank with an invention designed for a selfless cause.

The episode saw a young entrepreneur called Shruti introduce the sharks to her innovation called Sahayatha, a wheelchair with enhanced features designed to help a mobility impaired person gain more independence. The wheelchair had an inbuilt defecation cleansing assistance system, which drastically reduced the extent of assistance a person needed, and the battery operated machine was energy efficient as well.

The entrepreneur, whose mission was to enhance the dignity of the mobility impaired, also shared her own personal story of struggle. Shruti had developed the product over the course of five years, with the help of her father, who passed away recently.

The sharks applauded the businesswoman for her innovation, noble cause and strength. Amit Jain was moved to share his own personal story, where he took care of his mobility impaired grandmother for the last decade of her life. Impressed and moved, Amit matched Shruti’s offer of Rs 1 crore for a 10% stake in her business.

Anupam Mittal shared his story of how his grandfather was mobility impaired also, and also joined Amit. Soon Namita Thapar, Aman Gupta and Peyush Bansal also joined the deal one by one, for the same valuation. Vineeta Singh declared herself out due to lack of expertise in the field, but not before applauding Shruti, whom she called a phenomenal person.

In the end, Shruti walked away from the tank with a five shark deal.

All episodes of Shark Tank India season 2 are available for streaming on SonyLIV.

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