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Shark Tank India: Ashneer Grover says he ‘regrets’ NOT investing in Sippline Drinking Shields, find out why

Grover’s reaction to the product, which included his ‘bhai kya kar raha hai tu’ comment, had given rise to some very popular memes.

Shark Tank India: Ashneer Grover says he ‘regrets’ NOT investing in Sippline Drinking Shields, find out why

Last Updated: 05.24 PM, Mar 29, 2022


On Shark Tank India, numerous entrepreneurs came on stage hoping to wow the sharks with their ideas and get their advice and investment in return. But not all of them got lucky in that respect, and few of them even had to face some harsh criticism from the judges who were less than impressed with their products. Rohit Warrier, unfortunately, found himself in the latter category when he pitched his product - Sippline Drinking Shields. Of all the sharks who criticised the product, Ashneer Grover’s comments were perhaps the most brutal. But the shark later said that he ‘regretted’ not investing in the product for one particular reason.

In a conversation with comedians Rohan Joshi and Sahil Shah, Grover was asked if he ever felt regret not investing in Warrier’s product, to which the businessman replied, “For the loss of entertainment in my life, yes.” Grover then went on to explain that had he accidentally said that he would invest in the product, he would have asked Warrier to produce at least 5 more ‘good’ products, so that he (Grover) could get a chance to laugh himself silly every day. Grover said that the entertainment value is the sole reason he had any regret in not investing in Sippline, and not because he thought the product had any merit whatsoever.

Warrier’s product, which was a plastic rim to be used for glasses, elicited some strong reactions from the sharks. Grover had said that the product was useless and he never wanted to see something like it ever again. He also made his, now popular, ‘bhai kya kar raha hai tu’ comment during the pitch.


Shark Tank India’s first season can be streamed on SonyLIV.

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