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Sharmila Tagore: I almost feel like a newcomer now

Sharmila Tagore will next be seen in a film titled Outhouse.

Sharmila Tagore: I almost feel like a newcomer now
Sharmila Tagore in a still from Gulmohar

Last Updated: 09.38 AM, Mar 28, 2023


Gulmohar was one of the many well-rounded Hindi movies with great acting, skilled directing, and other great qualities. Yet for many devoted fans, seeing Sharmila Tagore again on screen after more than 12 years was the film's major thrill. Rahul V. Chittella was its director. Thankfully, the seasoned actor will appear more frequently in the upcoming months. Sharmila has finished filming the adventure movie Outhouse, in which she plays a grandma who helps her grandson look for his dog.

Inform her that Sunil Sukthankar, who won a National Award for his direction of the movie, has a large heart and that the subject seems endearing. The veteran actor told Mid Day that in Outhouse, her good buddy Mohan Agashe also appears. They all adored the screenplay and worked tirelessly to produce it in Pune on a tight budget. Sharmila isn't sure what will happen to this independent movie because it currently has no OTT support. But if and when it is released, she is confident that people will enjoy it.

She plays a graphic designer who occasionally needs to watch her grandson in the slice-of-life film. Her character had no idea that the grandson also had a dog. The dog is gone when they awaken in the morning, and that is when their adventure starts.


Since the Hindi film industry is telling untold stories, this is a great time for female performers as well as more experienced artists. She is cherry-picking tasks and making sure that she goes above and beyond the responsibilities of a family matriarch. Sharmila is eager to play challenging roles.

The actor is willing to take on an ambiguous position. She has moved past thinking about how much commerce her movie has generated, comparing herself to others, or experiencing the uncertainty that comes with a movie that isn't doing well. Sharmila is past all that anxiety now. Now, she feels like a stranger.

She now works exclusively for the love of the craft. That competitiveness is not something the actor possesses. God has shown mercy. She may claim with humility that she doesn't need the money right now because her needs are simple. Because Sharmila is unable to wear high heels, she doesn't need nice vehicles, homes, or even shoes. Perhaps because she has so many other things going on in her life and doesn't see herself as just an actor, she has separated herself from such desires.

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