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Shekhar Suman hosted Bigg Boss 16 success bash at his home & it was all about Archana Gautam’s non-mandali - PICS

Shekhar hosted many of the non-mandali and some mandali members at his home post Bigg Boss 16 success.

Shekhar Suman hosted Bigg Boss 16 success bash at his home & it was all about Archana Gautam’s non-mandali - PICS
Bigg Boss 16.

Last Updated: 04.26 PM, Feb 25, 2023


Shekhar Suman is the latest to host Bigg Boss 16 success bash for the contestants. While Farah Khan’s party was all about the mandali and winner MC Stan, Shekhar’s was about the power of the non-mandali members. He especially was seen posing a lot with Archana Gautam, who, in a way, led the non-mandali.

Post the party, Archana was the first to share photos. She was seen posing with Shekhar, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Shiv Thakare. Archana was at Shiv’s throat, much like the show, while Nimrit ignored her, much like the show.

See the pics here:

Shekar then commenced the journey of introducing those who attended his intimate yet grand bash at his home. His son Adhyayan Suman, who is in no way associated with Bigg Boss yet, also joined them for the group photo.

Archana’s brother Gulshan was also seen at the bash and so was Sajid Khan’s sister, Farah Khan. The two did not exactly participate on Salman Khan’s show but became a huge part of it with their strong personalities.

The party was filled with the ladies. Right from Manya Singh to Soundarya Sharma and Sreejita De to Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary, almost every woman from the house was seen at the bash.

Shekhar posed for the photo with two beautiful ladies – Priyanka and Soundarya – on his side. Sajid and Farah posed next to Priyanka (even though it is reported that he is closer to Soundarya) while Shiv posed next to Soundarya, even when he has accepted that he genuinely connected with Priyanka more.

Adhyayan posed with Shiv on one side and Archana on the other. Manya and Nimrit were seen on the extreme corners of the photo. Meanwhile, Shalin and Sreejita sat to pose for the cameras and Gulshan struck a pose with them.

See the photo here:

Shekhar also shared a photo with all the ladies at his party. He also posted individual pictures with Priyanka, Shiv, Archana (of course), Farah and Nimrit.

Here are the pics:

Shekhar Suman was associated with Bigg Boss for the first time through season 16. He came to host Bigg Bulletin almost every Sunday on the show. Shekhar’s quirks is what the housemates loved and looked forward to, as their emotional roller-coaster of a week came to an end.

Stan has won Bigg Boss 16. He was competing with Shiv for the trophy. Priyanka was the second runner-up of the show.

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