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Shivarajkumar – Karataka Damanaka is a good break from all the serious roles I have been doing

Karataka Damanaka, which is releasing on March 8, is a fun-filled film about two conmen, played by Shivarajkumar and Prabhudeva

Shivarajkumar – Karataka Damanaka is a good break from all the serious roles I have been doing

Shivarajkumar is gearing up for the release of Karataka Damanaka, a film that also has Prabhudeva in the lead

Last Updated: 10.10 PM, Feb 27, 2024


When director Yogaraj Bhat approached Century Star Shivarajkumar with the proposal of doing a film together, beside the fact that this would be their first collaboration, what also struck the actor was the subject of the film. Yogaraj had pitched a comedy, which, for the actor, seemed like a welcome break from the kind of movies he has been doing for a while, most of which had him in characters with slight grey shade.


Karataka Damanaka, in that sense, was a good break from a continuous streak of nearly 8-9 years of doing serious films, reckons Shivarajkumar. Speaking to Kannada Pichhar, he said, “Ghost, Bhairagee, Vedha, Mufti, Tagaru, Bhajarangi 2, were all different films, but they all had a serious undertone. Even if there was comedy, these were films in genres vastly different from what Yogaraj presents with Karataka Damanaka. His script seemed fun and, was fresh for me, considering I have been doing the same kind of films for a while.”

Shivarajkumar says that he’s been looking forward to collaborating with Yogaraj for well over a decade, but for various reasons, it never happened, until Karataka Damanaka. “As a filmmaker, Yogaraj would want to do something different when we do a film together. To put a good product together, it is not enough that you spend a lot of money; there are a lot of factors that have to come into play. The script and the screenplay have to be fresh and you need the right artistes on board to bring the story to life.

Karataka Damanaka has Shivarajkumar and Prabhudeva in the lead and the actors are paired with Priya Anand and Nishvika Naidu, respectively. The film has cinematography by Santhosh Rai Pathaje and music by V Harikrishna. The film also stars producer Rockline Venkatesh in a pivotal role, along with Biradar, P Ravi Shankar and Rangayana Raghu, among others. Karataka Damanaka will be in theatres on March 8.

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