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Shocking! Kannada superstar Darshan brought in for questioning in suspected connect to murder case

Challenging Star Darshan has been arrested on suspicion of having been in contact with the murderers of Chitradurga resident Renukaswamy

Shocking! Kannada superstar Darshan brought in for questioning in suspected connect to murder case

Last Updated: 01.30 PM, Jun 11, 2024


In a truly shocking development, Kannada cinema’s Challenging Star Darshan has been picked up by the police in connection with the suspicious death of Renukswamy, a Chitradurga resident. It is being alleged that Darshan was in touch with the men suspected to have killed Renukaswamy. The actor has been arrested from his Mysuru farm house by the Kamakshipalaya police and taken for interrogation in the case.

What began as an investigation into an unknown body, led to his identity being revealed as Chitradurga-resident Renukaswamy. The call records of the suspects show they were in touch with Darshan around the time of Renukswamy’s disappearance a few days ago. The suspects in the murder are alleged to have said to have mentioned Darshan’s connection to the death of the man, as he used to send obscene messages to actress Pavitra Gowda on social media. Pavitra Gowda has been in an alleged relationship with the Challenging Star for several years, and the questions that have arisen are if Darshan was behind Renukaswamy being silenced. Was this a supari gone wrong?

Meanwhile, the police commissioner has stated that the deceased, Renukaswamy used to send derogatory messages to actor Darshan's wife. It is being reported that the actor's Chitradurga fan association members opened a fake social media account and befriended Renukaswamy to get him to come to Bengaluru. The deceased leaves behind a pregnant wife, reports state.  

Incidentally, Renukaswamy is said to have been a Darshan fan and his comments on Pavitra Gowda's social media page were supposedly urging the Challening Star to not break up his marriage with Vijayalakshmi. 

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