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Shogun OTT release date - Watch the 5-decade old widely famous Japanese historical novel’s live-action version on THIS platform

Shogun OTT release date - FX Network brings feudal Japan to life with a new limited series based on James Clavell's epic historical novel -Shōgun, which was published in 1975

Shogun OTT release date - Watch the 5-decade old widely famous Japanese historical novel’s live-action version on THIS platform


Last Updated: 08.34 PM, Feb 12, 2024


The eagerly-awaited FX series Shōgun is finally set to arrive this month, after 7 years of its announcement in 2018. The English-Japanese drama faced multiple halts, including the Covid pandemic and production challenges. But for those who have a basic idea about Shōgun, we must inform you that this is not a remake of the 1980s film, directed by Jerry London. While both draw inspiration from James Clavell's epic novel, this new series adaptation promises a fresh take on the story, delving into the collision of cultures and clashing ambitions through the eyes of a shipwrecked English pilot and a mysterious female samurai.

Where to watch Shogun

Although the story of Shōgun is fictional, it draws inspiration from James Clavell's Asian saga novels. These novels, viewed through a European lens, explore the cultural clash between East and West, highlighting the complexities arising from their meeting. Clavell's saga includes seven novels, each delving into the depths of this cultural exchange. Shōgun will be released on February 27, 2024, only on Disney Plus and Disney+ Hotstar.

American author James Clavell's Asian Saga includes seven novels – King Rat that was published in 1961, Tai-Pan in 1966, Shōgun in 1975, Noble House in 1981, Whirlwind in 1986, Gai-Jin in 1993, and lastly, Escape published in 1995.

What did the trailer show?

The trailer painted a captivating picture, offering stunning landscapes of Japan, before diving into moments of conflict and thrilling journeys. We got some glimpses of tense exchanges between powerful figures, relatable family conflicts, and even a shocking revelation. A soul-stirring scene unfolds in a prison, featuring a character delivering a strong speech that might resonate deeply. This series promises a captivating and dramatic reimagining of a classic Japanese tale, offering a fresh perspective on a familiar story.


Shogun story

John, an English sailor, gets lost at sea and ends up in Japan during a big fight between powerful leaders. He has to learn how to be a Samurai warrior and survive all the plotting and scheming going on, or he might get killed. It's a story about two different cultures clashing, with people being very ambitious, betraying each other, and just trying to stay alive.

Comparison with Game of Thrones

It's been over four decades since Jerry London's namesake film’s release. But this time, the story will be more exciting thanks to modern technology, making the battles using historical weapons even more intense. The trailer was dropped last year, and is still making huge headlines as netizens comparing it with HBO’s superhit show - Game of Thrones (2011). Get ready for more drama, action, and curiosity in this new take on the classic tale.

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