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Showtime's Emraan Hashmi on misconceptions about Bollywood - 'We have become more of a soft target'

Emraan Hashmi, who is all set for the release of his OTT project 'Showtime' hits back at Bollywood stereotypes. 

Showtime's Emraan Hashmi on misconceptions about Bollywood - 'We have become more of a soft target'
Emraan Hashmi

Last Updated: 10.14 AM, Feb 22, 2024


Emraan Hashmi is presently busy promoting his upcoming show titled Showtime. The OTT project is touted to be an 'epic saga of legacy and ambition in the world of cinema' and is directed by Mihir Desai and Archit Kumar. It promises to showcase the sneak peek into what goes behind the Bollywood industry including nepotism and the struggles to reach the top. Hashmi recently discussed the negative perception of the industry and also shed some light on the nepotism debate. 

Speaking to Indian Express, the Jannat actor said that Bollywood has been a subject of 'skewed negative perception' where people have misrepresented the industry. As we are all aware of the fact that the film industry has been facing a lot of backlash since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Although the nepotism debate has been making headlines for years now, the suicide of the actor reignited the fire, and social media turned into a hate space for Bollywood for quite some time. Emraan, who will be seen as a producer on Showtime claims that 'misconceptions' about Bollywood were spread.

“There’s a perception, especially in the last three years, which has become very skewed towards an overtly negative perception. That everything that’s wrong (in the society), happens in Bollywood. Drugs, wild parties, promiscuity and everything. I don’t know where did that suddenly come about in the last three years, but it amped up to another level,” Emraan was quoted as saying by the portal. 

The actor also believes that while there are 'few bad apples' in any industry that damage its reputation, one 'never hears' of such things in other industries. He points out that Bollywood has become more of a 'soft target.' People have wild ideas about it and he says that it is not at all true. "People just like to bash this industry," he said. 

Emraan Hashmi further talks about the nepotism controversy saying that it now seems pointless in light of thoughtless trolling and those with personal agendas to harm the industry's reputation. He says that there are more outsiders in the industry than the 'nepo kids' who have been successful in their careers. "It’s an industry where both these worlds coexist. It’s a very secular industry, where you have people from all walks of life, of all castes, ideologies, languages. They all come together for the sole purpose to entertain the audience, which is beautiful," he said. 

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