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Shrimad Ramayan: Lord Hanuman overcomes the challenge by Surasa, ready to battle against Simhika

As Lord Hanuman travels across the ocean, he is confronted with major obstacles along his path to Lanka. Details here.

Shrimad Ramayan: Lord Hanuman overcomes the challenge by Surasa, ready to battle against Simhika

Stills from the series, Shrimad Ramayan.

Last Updated: 03.38 PM, May 01, 2024


In the latest episode of Shrimad Ramayan, we saw Lord Hanuman on his way to trace the exact location of Goddess Sita in Lanka (present-day Sri Lanka). His journey, however, is not an easy one. Yesterday, he overcame a challenge posed by Surasa – who is often addressed as the mother of serpents. And in today’s upcoming episode, we will see Lord Hanuman battling against the demon Simhika.

Shrimad Ramayan's latest promo

In the latest promo of this television series, we see Lord Hanuman battling against the magical powers of Simhika, a demoness capable of assuming any shape and manipulating objects with their shadows. As Simhika attempted to ensnare Lord Hanuman by his shadow, Hanuman countered by expanding his size, causing her to open her mouth wider. As soon as the demoness opened her mouth wide open, Hanuman capitalized on this opportunity, Hanuman swiftly entered her body, identifying her vital organs. Only time will tell how Lord Hanuman will conquer the demoness.


As per the mythological epic Shrimad Ramayana, on which the series is based, Lord Hanuman would tear apart the vital organs of the demoness, due to which the demoness would die. Lord Hanuman will defeat her with his intelligence and physical strength.

However, if you are wondering if the problems on the way of Lord Hanuman are over, then let us tell you that problems in his journey are far from over. In another promotional video shared by Sony LIV and Sony Entertainment Television today, we see Lord Hanuman battling against demoness Lankini. This demoness was addressed as the guardian of Lanka and was a follower of the demon Ravana. Let’s wait and watch to see how the episodes surface online and are showcased to the world.

Lord Hanuman is putting his best efforts into fulfilling the wishes and desires of Lord Rama and his wife Goddess Sita. Presently, the series is showing how Lord Hanuman is helping Lord Rama to trace the location of Sita, who was kidnapped by the demon Ravana.

Shrimad Ramayan is the most popular mythological television series on Sony LIV currently. Actor Sujay Reu essays the role of Lord Rama, while actress Prachi Bansal can be seen depicting the journey of Goddess Sita.

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