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Shrinking episodes 1-2 review: Jason Segel’s show is worth your time

Shrinking is a good blend of comedy and sensible content.

Shrinking episodes 1-2 review: Jason Segel’s show is worth your time
Shrinking - Jason Segel.

Last Updated: 03.26 AM, Jan 31, 2023



Jimmy has lost his wife. He is still trying to cope with life but has to fulfil his duties as both a therapist and a father.


Shrinking, as the name suggests, is a quirky show. It is about a therapist who needs therapy. Yeah. If the concept is so cool, imagine what all you get from this one.

Jason Segel as Jimmy leaves an impression almost as soon as the show commences. Apart from everything else, he's a goofball. Jason fits in the character right in.

Scenes like those where Jimmy places his head right under the tap water, adds depth to his character. Special credits to camera angles that focused on his posture while he was in the particular scene. It shows what mess is and why it needs to be cleaned.

Something as basic as Jimmy asking a therapist how he feels today, says a lot about him as a person. Turns out, he's a therapist who hears stories that insane doesn't even begin to define.

The irony in the show is that despite being a therapist, who are often called problem solvers, his life is disorganized. Not just his personal life but also professional.

The humour in this one comes without intention and that makes it one of the best kind. While it gets boring to see his depressed self, the story helps the show way too much.

Christa Miller's Liz keeps him in control, which is sure to leave you curious about the story.

Harrison Ford in the role of Dr. Phil Rhodes is legendary like always. He kills it with his dialogues even now.

Jimmy and Phil's moments of hugs are one of the highest points of the show. Right from their awkward hug to confession of love, all of it is beautiful.

Racism is addressed on this one but in a beautiful manner. There's an unusual bond between a black and white man on the show, proving they can be friends just as much as anyone else.

The show has a bright vibe to it, which also fits perfectly since this one is all about hope. The vibrant dresses work even better there.

Michael Urie as Brian is cute as a button. He's the best friend everybody deserves.

All in all, Shrinking is the show that you need in your life. It messes things up and fixes them in a beautiful manner. Well, isn't that everybody's life currently?


Shrinking is worth all of your time. It is one show that promises good content and keeps up to the promise 100%.

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