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Sima Taparia brings 'matchmaking' wisdom to Temptation Island India; here's what she said

Sima Taparia gives a reality check on Temptation Island India in the upcoming episode.

Sima Taparia brings 'matchmaking' wisdom to Temptation Island India; here's what she said
Sima Taparia on Temptation Island India with Mouni Roy

Last Updated: 06.56 PM, Nov 20, 2023


Sima Taparia, the infamous matchmaker, will make an appearance on Temptation Island India, to offer advice to the newly formed couples. In an intriguing development, tarot card reader Jhanvi Gaur will be visiting the contestants this week to give the island's adventure a touch of the mystical.

The matchmaker's insightful role

Talking about her appearance on the JioCinema reality show, Sima Taparia said in a statement that she always suggests aiming for 60–70% of what one wants in a partner when asked about her decision to be on the show. It's possible to fall in love with someone even if they don't meet all the criteria one has set for themselves. She added that one can either locate someone who meets part or all of their requirements, or they can settle for less. Her job on Temptation Island India, is to help these new couples get their relationships in order by guiding them, making a checklist, and providing a dose of reality.

Meet the tempters

Mahima Seth, Neha Anand, Urvi Shetty, Shraddha Tiwari, Navisha Raj Kashyap, Shagun Daggar, and Ruma Sharma are the female tempters of Temptation Island India. Aryan Arora, Faiz Baloch, Nikhil Mehta, Jad Hadid, Zen Sanjani, Vaibhav Gandhi, and Satyam Tyagi are among the men on the list of potential tempters.

Earlier, during an exclusive interaction with OTTplay, Mahima was very honest when she said that she was not interested in a physically attractive man. The tempter said that she genuinely searches for someone who is able to maintain meaningful talks. For her, it won't be about how she appears. However, it would be an advantage if he had decent looks. She also said that the man needs to be witty and amusing.

Mahima also elaborated on the qualities she finds most distasteful in the opposite sex by saying that if someone is totally obsessed with their looks and has nothing to offer in their personality apart from their looks, then it is a total turn-off for her. She went on to add that if one doesn't have anything to offer, then why should anyone listen to them? There must be more to them than just their physical appearance.

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