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Single’s Inferno returns with a sizzling third season on Netflix

The third season of Single's Inferno has geared up for its December release. Following the success of its erstwhile seasons, the series has added extra rules and intriguing twists to its basic premise

Single’s Inferno returns with a sizzling third season on Netflix

Last Updated: 05.56 AM, Nov 16, 2023


Fans of Single’s Inferno shall get to stream its third season, December 12 onwards, on Netflix. The new season promises a special insight into the psyche of the contestants and their romance, aided by special rules and sudden twists.

The concept of Single’s Inferno grabbed eyeballs with its unique glimpse into the South Korean dating scenario, as well as a more-emotional less-scripted approach to reality-tv dating. The show involved a group of attractive, eligible, single individuals, both male and female, who would venture onto a deserted island, Inferno, where they would struggle to survive till, they paired off with someone.

Only then could they move on to Paradise, which is a luxurious hotel, where the couples finally get to know each other and work on their relationship. However, this time, the creators have promised to raise the stakes and build the drama. Not only the physical conditions, but the rules shall also be altered and changed to add entertaining twists to the show.

The journey from cooking own meal and fetching water in sweltering heat, to sipping on margheritas in a cool pool, is not an easy one, nor is the journey of love. This time, the makers promise to further highlight the differences between Inferno and Paradise, to make things more fun.

Though the official list of contestants is yet not revealed for the upcoming season, the hosts of the show shall be original hosts Lee Da Hee, Hong Jin Kyung, Kyuhun, and Hanhae. They shall be further assisted by Single’s Inferno Season 2 prominent contestant cum actor Dex.

Having secured the fourth spot on Netflix’s Global Top 10 TV shows (Non-English) category, and surpassed 65 million hours of viewing, the Korean dating reality show has a pretty solid chance of satisfying its fans with new doses of sizzling chemistry and soul-quenching romance,

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