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Society of the Snow OTT release- When and where to watch the humane portrayal of the 1972 Andes plane crash

Society of the Snow is Spain's official entry for the best international feature film at the Oscars 2024. It follows the tragic yet miraculous tale of the 1972 Andes plane crash and its survivors.

Society of the Snow OTT release- When and where to watch the humane portrayal of the 1972 Andes plane crash
A still from Society of the Snow's trailer

Last Updated: 05.26 AM, Dec 17, 2023


Society of the Snow is a faithful depiction of the 1972 Andes plane crash and its horrifying aftermath. Based on the titular novel by Pablo Vierci, who was a classmate of the survivors and is also an associate producer of the film, as well as ‘The Miracle of the Andes,’ the project is helmed by Spanish filmmaker J.A. Bayona.

Starring an ensemble cast of Uruguayans and Argentinians, the film remains true to the cultural context and language, further imbuing the project with accuracy. It also includes active involvement of real survivors of the crash, to maintain an authentic execution.

Currently enjoying a theatrical release in select theatres of Spain and the US, the film will also drop in UK theatres on December 22, 2023, before enjoying an OTT release on January 4, 2024, on Netflix. Society of the Snow also released its trailer on November 27, 2023.


Told from the point of view of player Numa Turcatti, the film’s story follows the real-life events that occurred on October 13, 1972, when Flight 571, carrying nearly the entire Old Christians amateur rugby team, comprising of Uruguayan young boys in their late teens or early twenties and some of their relatives.

Due to bad weather conditions, an underpowered plane, an inexperienced pilot, and sheer bad luck, the plane crashed a little while before its destination, that too in the Andes during the toughest part of its seasonal schedule.

Initially, 33 out of the 40 passengers survived the crash, but as time went on, and the conditions harshened, it became difficult to survive on the craggy, snowy slopes without food, warmth or proper shelter.

After the search for survivors is called off and the boys survive a dangerous avalanche, with more dead comrades, they begin to form a self-proclaimed society, led by democracy, in order to survive. After much trepidation and discussion, when all sustenance has been polished off, do the remaining survivors resort to cannibalism, but with sincere sensitivity and kindness.

As a result, 72 days later, when the survivors were finally rescued due to a daring attempt on their part, there is only 16 of them left. A fascinating and accurate portrayal of immense human resilience and survival as well as Spain’s official entry for the non-English Best Feature film at the Oscars, and best picture at the Golden Globes, the film cannot be missed.

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