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Solanki Roy opens up about her left-leaning political preference

Solanki Roy says that she will not join politics since she was part of student politics during her Jadavpur University days

Solanki Roy opens up about her left-leaning political preference
Solanki Roy

Last Updated: 05.49 PM, Mar 02, 2024


Solanki Roy studied at Jadavpur University and was an active member of student politics while she was there. Will she follow the trend of the other celebrities of Bengal and join politics? 

Solanki, in an interview with Nibedita Online, said, "My entire family is politically conscious, though not involved in active politics. They have their opinions. My father was once very active in student politics. The SFI or the Student Federation of India was not yet formed at that time. The CPI(M)'s student wing was just born. I grew up in such an environment. I also did politics at one time. I was active in the SFI." 

What does she think about politics now? She answered, "I understood many things gradually. My political perception changed. I am not apolitical, but rather totally political. I would say everything is decided by politics."

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Since she loves politics, will she come to active politics, like many Bengali celebs are doing? Solanki said, "Since I did politics, I will not join politics. I know the truth. You don't have to do politics to be by people's side and you don't need a political umbrella. While Sonu Sood was working for people during Covid 19, he did not need any political backup. And politics is a full-time job. You can't do it along with acting. Those who can, they are capable. I am not."

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