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Spider-Man 4 – Tug of war between Marvel and Sony to setting up Avengers 5 and 6; every rumor about Tom Holland starrer

Spider-Man 4 is one of the most anticipated movies and turns out the chaos around it is getting wilder by the day. 

Spider-Man 4 – Tug of war between Marvel and Sony to setting up Avengers 5 and 6; every rumor about Tom Holland starrer
Spider-Man 4

Last Updated: 11.23 PM, Feb 20, 2024


While the world is still busy processing the surprisingly shocking week was last week as the bosses at Marvel Studios decided to make not one but three massive reveals about the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe projects. While the electrifying first look of Deadpool & Wolverine hit the shores, there was also the lead cast announcement of The Fantastic Four as Pedro Pascal and Vanessa Kirby are all set to lead the film. There was also an X-Men ’97 trailer that hit the shores. Amid all of that what has managed to make news now is Spider-Man 4 and turns out the wild nature of the rumors floating around has left us all confused. Let’s streamline.

Many IPs may come and go, but the demand and the fan frenzy that Spider-Man enjoys are unparalleled. The buzz around the fourth part of the Tom Holland standalone franchise has been the most anticipated and curiosity-piquing movie even before Spider-Man No Way Home had even been released. Reports have had that the studio has signed Tom for six more movies with three being his new trilogy, two Avengers movies (The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars), and one undisclosed project. The latest says that Sony is pressurizing Marvel to make the movie by 2025 but the studio wants time.

Now as the rumors heat up and are getting more updates to it, below is exactly what is planned according to those rumors and how the world of Spider-Man 4 right now going through a very chaotic patch as it is in a very adolescent stage of production.


Sony Stubborn for 2025, Kevin Feige Thinks Otherwise

The latest rumor about Spider-Man 4 suggests at some tension building between Sony and Marvel. If you aren’t aware, Sony holds the rights to Spider-Man and has allowed Marvel to have the character in their films while they develop the standalone franchise together. As per scooper MCM Culture, Kevin Feige is spread too thin at the moment and not churning out the film in 2025 but Sony is stubborn about releasing it next year. However, 2025 is packed for MCU and that is making things difficult.

Release Before Avengers: The Kang Dynasty

We already know Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will have a massive part to play in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars. This means that the studio will have to set up and re-establish Tom in the current timeline before they move on to two of their biggest films, one of which is the Endgame to their Multiverse Saga. The scooper has revealed how the studio is planning to release the movie right before The Kang Dynasty, which is Avengers 5 and the next Avengers movie.

Spider-Man 4 Direct Set Up For Avengers 5 & 6

While it will be set before Avengers 5 aka The Kang Dynasty, the reports have now said that the movie will be a direct set up for both the Avengers movies including Avengers: Secret Wars. There were rumors that Peter would lead Secret Wars with Deadpool and Wolverine having a pivotal part to play. This new update makes that rumor very likely to happen for real.

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