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Spider-Man 4’s anticipation is not letting internet rest; here are 6 biggest rumors about the Tom Holland starrer making rounds

While the recent Hollywood strikes made it clear that the wait for Spider-Man 4 is longer than we thought, that is not stopping the rumours from surfacing

Spider-Man 4’s anticipation is not letting internet rest; here are 6 biggest rumors about the Tom Holland starrer making rounds
Spider-Man 4 Rumors

Last Updated: 04.12 PM, Dec 16, 2023


With the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home and the monstrous success that it garnered with its theatrical run, the anticipation and curiosity to know when the studio was planning to make Spider-Man 4 were immense. The question was also around Tom Holland’s time as Peter Parker because No Way Home marked the end of his trilogy and his contract with the studio. However, soon we were told that the actor was back under the MCU umbrella, not just for the fourth part of his standalone IP but also to lead an Avengers movie. 

Yes, you read that right. If rumours are to go by, the friendly neighbourhood Spidey is now grown up to lead an Avengers movie. As per the reports back in the day, Tom Holland has been roped in to play Spider-Man and lead the Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. Which means he has a massive role to play. It was later said that the writers of No Way Home, Chris McKenna and Erick Sommers, have been brought back to shape the fourth installment.

So now, as the list of rumours and spoilers around Spider-Man 4 grows longer, we pen down the biggest 6 of them here. Read on and be as surprised as we are. 

Ant-Man And Daredevil Join Peter Parker

The entire cinema hall exploded with cheers when Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock made that cameo in No Way Home. It was also a confirmation that he has a future in the MCU and an illustrious one. It turns out the makers have taken notes and this time around it won’t be only Cox but even Paul Rudd reprising Ant-Man and joining Peter Parker. (Via Comic Book Movie). 


Miles Morales Enters The Live-Action World

The animated Spider-Verse has created a buzz beyond anyone's expectations. With critical acclaim and so much fan love, there is no way the studios will end the IP here. There have been rumours that Sony and Marvel are planning to bring him to the live-action world. However, a vague rumour once said he might join Tom Holland in the next Spidey film. But there are also rumours that Miles might be included in the Morbius and Venom timeline. 

The Vulture Is Back

Michael Keaton’s Vulture was the main villain of Spider-Man: Homecoming. He created so much mess in Peter’s life but was defeated in the end. The last we saw of him was behind bars, where he had accepted his fate. But it feels like he is about to return to mess with Parker in Spider-Man 4. Reports claim there is indeed a big plan. 

Transcend Into The Kang Dynasty Lead

The reports that Tom Holland is back for two films at the moment and not one, were very exciting. The second movie is an Avengers film, aka Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. For a guy who wanted to be recruited as an Avenger all his childhood to now lead the new team, this is in itself a full-circle moment for not just the actor and the character but even the fans who have grown up with him. While there are no other details on the project, the speculations are strong. 

Drew Goddard To Direct Spider-Man 4

While the writers are in place, it seems like John Watts is not coming back to direct Spider-Man 4. The latest rumour is that Drew Goddard has been hired to direct the fourth part of the franchise. He is the person in charge of The Punisher, a Marvel production that Netflix produced and which the audience adored in the past.

Even Tobey Maguire Is Getting A Spider-Man 4

No Way Home made the studio realise that these three Spideys can pretty well exist in the MCU and even fans will accept them if the movies are made with heart and content. Sam Raimi, who is also a part of the MCU now, always wanted to make his Tobey Maguire starrer Spider-Man 4. Now rumours are that the studio might greenlight that too. It is indeed an exciting time when two Spider-Mans standing at the same juncture will return to web-sling their way to our hearts.

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