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Spider-Man Tobey Maguire was almost fired for allegedly faking injury to get a hike in his salary - Did you know?

Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man Trilogy is one of the most revered ones, but did you know he has almost lost it? 

Spider-Man Tobey Maguire was almost fired for allegedly faking injury to get a hike in his salary - Did you know?
When Tobey Maguire Got Himself Almost Fired From Spider-man 2

Last Updated: 12.16 PM, May 11, 2024


The demand for Spider-Man across the globe is massive. Ever since the web-slinging superhero made it to the live-action world, the recent past has witnessed three iterations. But arguably, the most humane portrayal was by Tobey Maguire, whose Peter Parker was vulnerable and relatable. His return to the role in Spider-Man: No Way Home created a massive buzz, leaving fans clamouring for more. However, what if we told you that Maguire was almost fired by Sony back in the day? After the first film, the actor was accused of faking an on-set injury to negotiate a higher paycheck, leading the studio to consider replacing him. Read on to learn everything you need to know, including which actor was approached to take over the role.

Tobey Maguire Was Almost Fired From Spider-Man 2?

According to reports, during a meeting for Spider-Man 2 in 2003, following the success of the first film, Tobey Maguire allegedly sent his doctor to a meeting with director Sam Raimi and producer Laura Ziskin. The doctor claimed that Maguire had injured himself while shooting Seabiscuit and wouldn't be able to perform the stunts in Spider-Man 2 himself. Reportedly, the actor, who received $4 million for his first Spider-Man film, sought a raise, and sending the doctor was his negotiation tactic. A publicist for Tobey even released a statement.


“After completing two physically demanding films in a row, Tobey has experienced mild discomfort in his back, which is in the final stages of healing. With an April 12 start date around the corner, everyone involved wants to be certain he is able to perform the intense stunts,” the statement read. It was reported that while producer Laura Ziskin earned $30 million, Tobey earned only $4 million, leading to feelings of disparity. The actor demanded a heftier paycheck for the sequel.

The Makers Approached Jake Gyllenhaal

According to a Variety report, Sony called Tobey Maguire’s injury claims a bluff and later stated that they couldn't wait for Tobey, approaching Jake Gyllenhaal to replace him in the movie. However, this plan didn't unfold as Tobey might have allegedly anticipated. Representatives intervened and saved the day for Tobey, promising that the actor would cooperate and even agreeing to undergo tests to prove he was fit to continue playing the role in the sequel.

When Tobey Maguire was later asked about the negotiation tactic rumours, he called them ridiculous. However, in a Los Angeles Times interview, he admitted that the situation had escalated to the point where he had to "look these people in the face and say, 'I’m really sorry. I’m going to do whatever it takes.'" Spider-Man 2 went on to become a massive hit, with Tobey Maguire taking home a $17 million paycheck. The film is revered as one of the best Spider-Man movies of all time.

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