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Squid Game Season 2 2024 release window is far than you think - here's everything we know

Squid Game Season 2 was recently teased by the makers as they shared the first look of the show. 

Squid Game Season 2 2024 release window is far than you think - here's everything we know
Squid Game 2 Release Window

Last Updated: 08.58 AM, Apr 21, 2024


The world was not even closely prepared for what Netflix was about to put it through when they decided to release the viral Korean dystopian drama Squid Game. The first season went viral in no time and broke most of Netflix’s viewing records, giving the streamer the confidence to invest a bigger sum in the second round of the show. The fans and audience have been waiting for Squid Game Season 2 forever, but strangely they are very calm and not screaming their demand to the streaming service like that of Stranger Things or Dark. But even the streamer has been eager to bring the show as soon as possible, and it was evident when they released the first look of the second season recently.

While it was confirmed that the show would hit the platform in 2024, there was no release window attached to it until now. But we might have come across a breakthrough to understand when we should be expecting Squid Game Season 2. Read on to know everything you should about this very exciting update of the day.

Squid Game Season 2 Release Window

By now, we have been living with the hope that Squid Game Season 2 will land on Netflix in 2024. It has already been four months into the year, and we are just 10 days away from almost completing half of it. So, when does the show land on the streamer? Well, a new update as per Comicbook has now revealed that we might get to watch Squid Game 2 in the late second half of 2024. The same reveals that the Korean dystopian drama and another hit Netflix show, Cobra Kai Season 6, are in the same boat concerning release windows.

It is being said that they will both hit the streamer in the second half of the year. It doesn't come as a surprise that Netflix is releasing two massive IPs in the same window because, in India, they are releasing two massive projects that, in a way, are defining the year for them just 20 days away from each other. We are talking about Amar Singh Chamkila and Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazar. Meanwhile, there is no specific date decided for both Squid Game Season 2 and Cobra Kai Season 6.

What Is Squid Game About?

Created by Hwang Dong-Hyuk, Squid Game, which streams on Netflix, is about a debt-ridden man who decides to participate in a reality game that will bring him big money so he can pay off his loans. Little does he know that the game is a deadly circus in disguise as he is kidnapped with 455 others and made to play children's games, but the deadly versions of them to earn money. You either win or you die in this world, and the urge to survive is high.


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