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SSE Side B’s Dhare Neenididaasare: Rakshit Shetty’s lyrics make it even more beautiful, say netizens

It took a while for director Hemanth M Rao to convince Rakshit to write the song, but once an idea struck there was no stopping him. 

SSE Side B’s Dhare Neenididaasare: Rakshit Shetty’s lyrics make it even more beautiful, say netizens
A still from Sapta Sagaradaache Ello Side B

Last Updated: 08.16 PM, Nov 21, 2023


The music of Hemanth M Rao’s Sapta Sagaradaache Ello Side A and Side B has been quite the talking point, what with composer Charan Raj’s tunes perfectly in sync with the emotions unfolding onscreen. While Side A had six songs, Side B also boasts as many, if not more, and while the Side B version of the song Kadalanu Kaana Horetiro has a whole new fan following given its placement at a poignant moment in the movie, audiences were also enamored by the song that leading man Rakshit Shetty had written.

Rakshit in a still from the film
Rakshit in a still from the film

While Hemanth had disclosed that he managed to convince Rakshit to fill in as lyricist for one song, they had not revealed it prior to the film’s release. Only the Olave olave song and the Side B version of the title track had come out before the release, so fans had been after Hemanth to give them a bit more to savour and the first treat is the Dhare Neenididaasare song, which Rakshit wrote. Sharing the lyrical video of the song, the actor-filmmaker wrote, “Had a fulfilling experience writing this beautiful bit for #SSESideB! Hope you’ll reserve a place for it in your hearts! ‘Dhare Neenididaasare’ out now!”


Fans, of course, have been going gaga over the soulful lyrics. Comments range from, “Rakshit Shetty is an all-rounder; such soulful lyrics for Charan Raj’s outstanding composition”, to “Rakshit Shetty proved that he is one of the best lyricists too”, “Poetic elegance flows”, “Rakshit, you never fail to win hearts with the talent you possess, we want the "lyricist" in you to be explored more because we really love how beautifully you pen down such amazing lyrics”, and more. There was a lot of love coming Rakshit’s way.

Sapta Sagaradaache Ello Side B released in theatres on November 17. After a phenomenal start with over 70 paid premieres in Karnataka, the going has been slow and tough for the film since then. However, Rakshit, who has also produced the film has been categoric that he has already recovered his investment and more from Side A and that any revenue from Side B was only going towards his profit. He has also said that Sapta Sagaradaache Ello is the kind of film that had to be made, irrespective of its commercial prospects, although he was sure that his fan following as well as that of director Hemanth would ensure it’s not a loss-making venture.

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