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Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3 episodes 6-7 review – Rex reunites with Crosshair, questions why The Empire is after Omega

Howzer has a bone to pick with Crosshair, and so does Rex, but do they?

Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3 episodes 6-7 review – Rex reunites with Crosshair, questions why The Empire is after Omega
Star Wars: The Bad Batch 3

Last Updated: 11.29 PM, Mar 13, 2024



Now that The Bad Batch have reunited, they have missions to complete. They catch up with their old friends Rex and Howzer, who are stormtroopers working for The Empire. Things are bound to get interesting.


Episode 6, Infiltration, is exactly as the title suggests. The Bad Batch have joined Rex to infiltrate a meeting between members of The Empire.

The stormtroopers, including Rex as one, are back, in the middle of an intense meeting featuring Senator Singh and as always, The Bad Batch makes headlines over them. Greer and Nemac are also among the stormtroopers, but disguised as those working for The Empire when in actuality, they are plotting against them.

Howzer, who shares a history with The Bad Batch as Rex, has a certain beef to pick with Crosshair. Hunter, Wrecker, Omega and the hound Batcher join the two. Echo comes as a surprise but a good one, even with his smaller role.

As always, Crosshair is in the middle of drama. This happens with the captured culprit, who works for The Empire and is no less than the villain in the episode.

The visuals play a big part this time. The visual of a sunrise is a hint that what’s coming could mark a new beginning. Sure enough, it does not, at least not yet.

Episode 7 – Extraction – is all about how The Bad Batch can get out of a tough situation. A lot is at risk this time around and whether the gang can manage to move ahead with their plan effectively, is what the episode conveys.

Omega is in danger and it is now the gang vs the stormtroopers with some intense visuals, including lightning and tasing. The episode gets too dark to follow and thus, it is the visuals that overpower the story and character graphs in this episode.

Not just Omega, there is a point where Crosshair also faces danger. That scene is among the only best things in the episode.

It is Wolffe vs Rex this time around. The moment comes when you just don’t want it to. The Empire on Tantiss is recalled in the situation but that doesn’t change a thing. What happens after, is the interesting part.


The Dave Filoni-directed episodes bring in a certain fresh perspective which was missing in the previous two episodes. With a recurrent member Rex meeting the gang, things have taken an interesting turn. Although not the best, you would not want to miss out on these episodes.

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