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Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3 episodes 8 and 9 review – The gang finds a new member

Omega learns more about herself, under some unusual circumstances

Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3 episodes 8 and 9 review – The gang finds a new member
Star Wars: The Bad Batch 3

Last Updated: 08.35 PM, Mar 27, 2024



The members of The Bad Batch go out on a risky mission involving the Empire. That is when they meet an interesting person. Is she a friend or a foe? Find out.


The Bad Batch have moved on to new and dangerous missions. Through the two episodes released, they take up various challenges, all of which put their life at risk.

Episode 8, Bad Territory, is literally all about that. The moment a part of the bad batch face becomes the highlight of the episode.

It commences with Hunter and Crosshair finally being at peace with one another. Of course, it is more on Hunter's side, who asks for Omega's help too.

Fennec Shand is back and she is all business. The woman is as ruthless as ever.

Wrecker and Hunter are on a mission. At the same time, Omega and Crosshair get close, with Badger at the middle of it all. Them sitting against sunset is one of the highest points, for it is where they bonded the most.

Much of episode 8 is shot in the dark. This makes it difficult to figure what is happening.

Episode 9, The Harbinger, unveils the mystery behind M-count. There's an interesting theory to it.

The mysterious figure, Ventress, is someone to watch out for. She makes the recently released episodes worth watching, with her action and the mystery around her.

Omega is totally herself in this episode as well. She brings light to the dark world. Whether there's a reason for that, is explored this time around.

The moment between Ventress and Omega, especially when in the face of danger, is something you definitely cannot miss out on. The two bond unlike any at that point. Omega, especially, is a treat to watch in the scene.

The real question throughout is, is Ventress a friend or a foe? How is she connected to The Empire? And what makes her different? All of these questions get answered almost as soon as she is introduced to the series.


The Dave Filoni-directed episodes grow on you. Episode 8 leaves you confused about many things, especially because it has a dark setting. Episode 9, on the other hand, is sure to get you interested in the series.

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