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Sting theatrical release date – The arachnophobia-triggering horror thriller drops on THIS day

Sting is an upcoming creature horror feature that will trigger even the tiniest fear of spiders. The human-flesh-craving arachnid film is set to drop late this spring in select theatres.

Sting theatrical release date – The arachnophobia-triggering horror thriller drops on THIS day
The poster of Sting

Last Updated: 05.22 PM, Feb 16, 2024


The underrated zombie flick Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead and Neckrotronic fame director Kiah Roache-Turner is back with another horror flick, this time albeit his first creature feature. Sting joins the long list of horror releases this year, ranging from A Quiet Place: Day One to Terrifier 2 yet stands out among them.  

Release date and trailer of Sting 

Despite being a horror thriller, its unique spidery premise helps it grab eyeballs, especially with practical spider effects from Weta, the company behind shows like The Last of Us. Sting will enjoy a theatrical release in the United States on April 12, 2024. The film also dropped a trailer on February 15, which shows a spine-tingling glimpse of the skin-crawling journey ahead of Charlotte and her family.  


Contents of the trailer

Sting follows the tale of Charlotte, a rebellious 12-year-old girl obsessed with comic books. Since the arrival of a new baby in the household, she has felt rather lonely and isolated from her mother and stepfather, Ethan, despite the latter’s best efforts to bond with her over their collaborative comic book Fang Girl. Since the parental duo is also distracted by the hassles of a young baby, Charlotte finds something—or rather, someone else—to bond with.

One cold, stormy night, a mysterious object smashes into her New York City bedroom. It is an egg, from which comes an odd spider. Connecting with the spider, she keeps it as a little pet and fondly names it Sting. The trailer shows her catching beetles three times their size and dropping them in their jar, where they chomp on with ominous ease.  

Though she screwed the lid back on tightly, as time passed and Sting grew enormously in the span of a few days, he began unscrewing and escaping the jar regularly while Charlotte slept. As a result, within days, the pets of various flat owners began dying gruesome deaths. Soon, neighbours start going missing and Charlotte must now consider the deadly possibility of losing her family as well as the monstrosity. 

To make matters worse, the entire flat is soon stuck inside the apartment with a bloodthirsty and starving arachnid, prowling the air vents and attacking random neighbours before turning on Charlotte’s family as well. Since Charlotte has been the only one who has held some sway over the spider, she must stop Sting before losing all to the ravenous, supersized arachnid with a craze for human flesh. 

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