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Stream Smart: 5 latest OTT releases on Netflix, Disney+Hotstar you can't miss this weekend

From Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan to Sylvester Stallone's Sly, here's a curated list of the latest OTT arrivals that you cannot miss this weekend. 

Stream Smart: 5 latest OTT releases on Netflix, Disney+Hotstar you can't miss this weekend
New OTT movies

Last Updated: 08.12 PM, Nov 02, 2023


A slew of new movies have flooded the streaming platform this week, just in time to keep us entertained this holiday season. An over-the-top action entertainer starring one of the biggest Indian superstars, a small-budget comedy-drama, an inspiring documentary and a genre-bending whodunit must be on your watchlist.

In the fourth edition of Stream Smart, we have listed five new arrivals on streaming that you must not miss.



Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan's latest blockbuster Jawan became available for streaming on November 2, coinciding with the celebration of his 58th birthday. The success of this movie further lionised Shah Rukh Khan's epic comeback after enduring back-to-back commercial failures and personal setbacks. Jawan marked the Bollywood debut of Tamil director Atlee. Instead of adapting his material to suit the sensibilities of the audiences in the Hindi belt, Atlee infused the movie with elements that usually make a Tamil 'masala' film tick. The result, was the biggest hit in SRK's career, not just in the Hindi belt but also in southern states. Jawan tells the story of a cop with an uncanny talent for cosplay and his team of women leading a revolt against corrupt men in power. It's a tale of redemption, revenge and SRK getting overtly political.

Jawan is streaming on Netflix.


If you are in the mood for some low-key buddy comedy, then MAD will be a perfect pick. Judging from the trailer, MAD looks like a hilarious buddy comedy. It's a coming-of-age story that revolves around three inseparable friends: Manoj, Ashok, and Damodhar, ergo the title MAD. With an acronym like MAD, we can expect some madcap adventures. The film teases a blend of uproarious comedy and heartwarming drama, as these friends navigate life and heartbreaks. The trailer offers a taste of the humour, like a funny debate on how an air conditioner works.

Month of Madhu:

The Telugu filmmakers are masters when it comes to making films that reflect the challenges of modern-day relationships. And Month of Madhu seems like another memorable addition to the growing list of Telugu's cinema catalogue of relationship drama. The film follows the personal struggles of two individuals with alliterative names. In the movie, Madhumathi and Madhusudhan Rao meet each other at a pivotal moment in their lives. Shreya Navile's Madhumathi is a happy-go-lucky girl but her liberal and outspoken sensibilities, born and bred in America, upsets her conservative family members. Naveen Chandra's Madhusudhan Rao is a troubled soul with a serious drinking problem, whose marriage is at the brink of failure. Based on the trailer, it seems the film tells the story of how these two individuals form an unlikely friendship and help to mend each other's broken hearts.


Did you miss watching Sylvester Stallone while watching Creed III? You thought that Sly making an unceremonious and ugly exit from the franchise that shaped was the end of him giving you a generous dose of motivation to face life's challenges? Well, you were wrong. Sly didn't just write, direct and act in the Rocky movies and its spin-off. But, he's living that inspirational life every second of his waking life. The new retrospective documentary revisits one of the most iconic underdog stories of Hollywood and sheds light on the inner workings of the mind that redefined the action genre globally. As a bonus, you also get to watch Quentin Tarantino recall the ups and downs in Sly's epic movie career.

Sly debuts on Netflix on November 3.

A Haunting in Venice:

The glum detective Hercule Poirot, played by Kenneth Branagh, returns for the third time to solve a close-door mystery, drawn from the sprawling well of Agatha Christie's whodunit stories. However, unlike Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile, the legendary Poirot is not up against some mortal but clever killers. This time he's up against the forces beyond his ken. Poirot is pulled back into action from his retirement by one of his competitors. Poirot is tasked with exposing the lies of a psychic, played by Michelle Yeoh, who claims to have the power to talk to the dead. This film seems to blend some cinematic elements borrowed from the horror genre, including jump scares, as Poirot's sanity and intelligence face their ultimate test.

A Haunting in Venice is streaming on Disney+Hotstar.

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