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Succession can be revived beyond season 4 after calling it the end? Here’s everything we know so far

Succession, led by Brian Cox wrapped up its complete run in mid 2023 after enjoying 4 very successful seasons. 

Succession can be revived beyond season 4 after calling it the end? Here’s everything we know so far
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Last Updated: 10.10 AM, Jan 18, 2024


The world didn’t remain the same when the makers of Succession announced that the fourth season would be the last of the show we will ever see. While this statement now comes with an unsaid clause that reads ‘we might end up making prequels and spin-offs in case you ask a lot for it or create a movement.’ But for this specific show, the main timeline was so lucrative that no other spin-off and prequel can fill the void. They can have their time but not replace the magic the main show did. But was this really the end of Succession and all we are left with is the option of re-watching the show zillion times now?

Will Succession Ever Get Revived?

Well, the idea of reviving a show as big and popular as Succession is not a tall order, and neither impossible. What is needed is the intent and a very strong story that will justify the reason for makers to go against their own words that said it was time they bid goodbye six months ago. Succession has had a very successful run over the runs and the drama has been top-notch. Casey Bloys, HBO executive, has now decided to break silence on the same.

Casey has confirmed that the chances of a revival are unlikely and very rare. As per Screenrant, Bloys said, “The chances of that are pretty unlikely. Unless Jesse (Armstrong) all of a sudden said, 'Oh my God, I have the greatest idea. This is what I want to do.' I would take that very seriously.” Casey went on to add how he feels that Jesse told the story that he wanted to, and it is not the area he wants to visit again.

Casey Bloys even went on to talk about Jesse Armstrong’s next project. He even revealed that the showrunner who created a Magnum Opus like Succession has no idea what he is going to do next. He added how Jesse deserves a break, downtime, away from TV, and rejuvenate. And we agree too. Four seasons of a crazy show, with the final season ruling award nights is a lot to process, and a human needs some time for that.

About Succession:

Logan Roy owns a massive media conglomerate and is now planning to retire. His legacy will now be in the hands of his four sons who have their separate nefarious motives. What happens when the game of succession unfolds? Who wins and who loses is the show. It stars Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, Kieran Culkin, Nicholas Braun, Alexander Skarsgard, Matthew Macfadyen, and ensemble. 

Succession streams in India on Jio Cinema, and on HBO Max for the rest of the world. The show has four seasons with each comprising 10 episodes (the third has nine), with a runtime of 60 minutes and above for each. The finale is a 90-minute-long single episode. 


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