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Suits spin-off now on fast track; makers pitching a Meghan Markle’s Rachel like lead – Here’s everything about the new update

Suits is one of the most loved shows in the world of television and one of Netflix’s most renowned property 

Suits spin-off now on fast track; makers pitching a Meghan Markle’s Rachel like lead – Here’s everything about the new update
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Last Updated: 01.51 PM, Jan 22, 2024


While many workplace dramas come and go and even excel, one show that will always be a trendsetter for many reasons will be Suits. The hit television show that reigned the screens for a long time and still continues to with the reruns on Netflix is one of the most revered shows of all time across the world. Fans who have been loyal to it for years now have always been craving for more. Though they got Pearson in 2019, the happiness was only a season lived and nothing came after that.

However, there is a spin-off in the making for the show and it was announced a long time back but nothing about it has been heard ever since. Turns out today is the day we get an update on that as we are now hearing new fascinating details about the show.

The New Suits Spin-off Update

The makers of Suits had announced a spin-off long ago. They revealed that it will be set in Los Angeles. There were no updates after that but a new report in ComicBook now talks about the new details about the said spin-off. As per the same, Suits Los Angeles Spin-off will be set in an entertainment law firm where the drama will unfold this time around. If that wasn’t enough to excite you, we also hear that the casting for the spin-off is also started sooner than you can guess. 

Wait, there’s more. We even know what the lead of the show will look like. The show will be led by a 30-something young woman who will be named Erica. The portal defines Erica as a "30s, Black, SoCal native, and Harvard law alum. She's jockeying to be made Head of Entertainment. She's great at closing clients but struggles elsewhere. Smarter than everyone." This sounds super interesting as Erica will bring a woman of colour to the centre of this show yet again. 

The Similarities

If you look at the description closely Erica, resembles a character from the past in Suits. Remember Meghan Markle’s Rachel Zane? Well, there is enough to draw similarities between the two. She was also a woman of colour at work in Pearson Hardman where she was trying to rise higher as an outsider while dodging the people with privilege around her. We are now excited to see a similar character in the leading position on the show. 

Suits Los Angeles Spin-off Release Date

There is no release date for the Suits Spin-off on site as of yet as the makers are still in the pre-production stage. Even if they manages to go on floors in the second half of this year, one cannot expect it to release anything before late 2025 or early 2026. Meanwhile, Pearson is also streaming on Netflix. The first spin-off that was released in 2019 is a single-season IP with 10 episodes. 


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