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Sunflower 2- I am totally fortunate that people are offering me varied stuff, says Adah Sharma| EXCLUSIVE

Post the super success of the hard hitting The Kerala Story, the talented actress Adah Sharma is now all set to enthrall the audiences with her upcoming web series Sunflower 2

Sunflower 2- I am totally fortunate that people are offering me varied stuff, says Adah Sharma| EXCLUSIVE
Adah Sharma in Sunflower 2

Last Updated: 08.48 PM, Feb 27, 2024


After having started off what one would call it as ‘humble beginnings’, the talented actress Adah Sharma hit the bull’s eye with her film ‘The Kerala Story’. Those who have seen her previous films wherein she (mostly) played the happy-go-lucky and romantic roles, were seen rubbing their eyes in disbelief after they saw her stunning performance in ‘The Kerala Story’. It’s the very same Adah Sharma, who is now all set to entertain the cinegoers with yet-another-challenging role in the upcoming series Sunflower 2.

Adah Sharma was in an exclusive conversation with OTTPlay! So, it's over to you… Adah…


On breaking the risk of being typecast post the success of The Kerala Story and shocking everyone with Sunflower 2
Given that particular situation, I think, every actor will make that conscious decision. At the same time, one should also get a filmmaker who will give you that opportunity to do a different thing. And I think, in that case, I am totally fortunate that people are offering me varied stuff in terms of the roles in their films. I really get to push my limits in these roles. 

There are many people who, in their entire career, don't get an opportunity. Even though they might be super talented, I think that one should also get a chance to show it. For all these reasons, touch wood, I think I'm the luckiest girl alive!

Does her ‘varied appearances and versatility as an actress on her social media feed is playing a catalyst in her being offered such diverse roles?
Honestly, I don't know. At the same time, I think, it can even backfire! If you see my social media feeds, you will realise that, even though I put a lot of random stuff, there is lots of hard work that is involved. Having said that, my social media space is my personal thing. And, I think our directors are intelligent enough to know which actors suit which role. 

Whatever be the case and the situation, all that I am saying is that, as far as I continue getting good roles, I am not complaining. See the present-day situation… while on one hand, I have ‘Sunflower 2’, on the other hand, I have a hard-hitting film like Bastar… all around the same time of one month! Isn’t that pretty cool and I'm very lucky? (smiles)

My personal favourite character in Sunflower season one?
Honestly speaking, I found the first season of Sunflower to be so good that I just cannot single handedly point out one particular character from the previous season. My favourites keep on varying from time to time! If you ask me about my personal favourite at this very moment, I will simply say the extremely talented Girish Kulkarni! 

There is one scene in the second season of Sunflower wherein I speak to him in Marathi! Trust me on this, the entire scene was so funny that one needs to see it to believe it! Even now, whenever I think of that scene, I burst into peals of laughter! Having said that, if you ask me tomorrow, my favourite might just have been changed because, as I said, everyone in the series has done a fantabulous job!

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