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Sweet Kaaram Coffee actor Madhoo's candid revelation: 'I quit movies because after Roja...I was unhappy'

Sweet Kaaram Coffee actor Madhoo got candid about her career, which she felt went down the hill after the blockbuster Roja. 

Sweet Kaaram Coffee actor Madhoo's candid revelation: 'I quit movies because after Roja...I was unhappy'
Madhoo in Sweet Kaaram Coffee.

Last Updated: 03.05 PM, Jul 09, 2023


Seasoned actor Madhoo got candid while talking during an all-women panel discussion on gender disparities within the film industry. She opened up about her career trajectory, revealing the reasons behind her decision to step away from the film industry after achieving great success with 1992 movie Roja. Madhoo, who shot to fame with director Mani Ratnam's nationwide hit set in Kashmir, noted that she was discontent with the roles offered to her as she believed they did not utilize her full potential.

Having portrayed strong female characters in various South Indian films, Madhoo's career took a turn when she decided to focus primarily on Hindi cinema. However, she soon realised that the action-oriented films dominating the industry at that time did not align with her artistic aspirations. Despite her love for dance and her willingness to explore different genres, Madhoo found herself increasingly unhappy while on film sets.

Reflecting on her decision to quit, Madhoo said, "But after doing Roja and immediately going into such films, I was feeling very unhappy. My passion is to be an artist. But when I used to go to Filmistan and Kamalistan, I had a funny feeling that I am not loving what I was doing. After working for about 10 years, I felt the need to quit. I wrote a letter to people saying that I'm quitting. And the thought behind it was that 'you guys don't deserve me'. I mean that there was a lot of childhood arrogance. I'm sorry to say that. But that was the sentiment. I wanted to do so much more, you people are not making that, I'd rather get married and have babies and continue with my life."


Besides Roja, she also made a mark in the South Indian cinema with her performance in Annayya, and Yodha. 

Madhoo has played one of the leads in Prime Video's recent web series Sweet Kaaram Coffee. The series follows the adventurous road trip of three women of different generations as they see freedom from the particle obsession in their own family.

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