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Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo was supposed to die in Last Blood as per original ending but it was changed - Here's why

Rambo: Last Blood, released in 2019, ends on an optimistic note where Rambo is alive. 

Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo was supposed to die in Last Blood as per original ending but it  was changed - Here's why
Rambo: Last Blood Original End

Last Updated: 07.56 PM, May 30, 2024


Sylvester Stallone has built a career out of franchise films, and there's no way we're complaining, as he has given us some of the most entertaining movies of our time. Known for his action and strength, Stallone starred in one of the most revered franchises of all time, cementing his place in our hearts forever. Yes, we're talking about the Rambo movies, with Stallone in the titular role. The journey from First Blood to Last Blood was not easy for fans who had invested decades in the Rambo phenomenon, watching their beloved star prepare to retire the character. Stallone had already announced that Last Blood would be his final appearance as Rambo.

While Rambo: Last Blood is remembered for its top-notch action, emotional rollercoaster, and heartfelt performance from Stallone, did you know that the end of the movie was not as optimistic as what was shown? That's right. The climax of Last Blood and the preceding combat have a dedicated fan base, but according to Stallone, the optimistic ending was created in post-production. Originally, Rambo was supposed to die in that rocking chair at the end. Read on to learn more about this intriguing piece of trivia. 


What Happens in the Scene

A grief-stricken Rambo, who loses his daughter, plots a plan to lure the boss of the cartel to his farm. This sets the stage for a combat sequence where Rambo emerges victorious one last time. Mercenaries attack one after the other, but Rambo doesn’t let anyone come close, killing them all. In the end, wounded, John walks towards the rocking chair on his porch and sits down. In the released version of the movie, we see the chair rocking with Rambo nowhere to be seen, symbolising that John Rambo is still alive and his story continues beyond the screen.

The Original Ending

However, this was not the original ending. In the original climax, John Rambo actually dies in that rocking chair. Sylvester Stallone revealed this in his Netflix documentary Sly, where he discussed changing the climax of Rambo: Last Blood. He explained how he "... started regretting the idea that this is the way this warrior goes out." The actor refused to end the movie on such a sad note and, with the help of CGI in post-production, kept the chair rocking as the credits rolled.

Regarding why Sylvester Stallone never let John Rambo die in the movies, many reports claim that the star dislikes sad endings and doesn’t want such a strong character to have a downbeat conclusion. He also believes that letting Rambo die would signify that the truth meets a bad end, and he doesn’t want to convey that message.

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