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Venom 3 plot leaked - the Symbiote set out to kill Peter Parker? Here's everything we know so far

Venom: The Last Dance, aka Venom 3, has become a hot topic as we recently learned this is the last film in Tom Hardy’s franchise. 

Venom 3 plot leaked - the Symbiote set out to kill Peter Parker? Here's everything we know so far
Venom Plot Leaked?

Last Updated: 03.04 PM, May 25, 2024


The world has been glued to everything about Sony’s next effort at making a Marvel movie, as they are currently working on Venom: The Last Dance, also known as Venom 3. Every update about the movie is making headlines because this is technically the last hurrah for the Symbiote, as confirmed by a Sony executive at the Cannes Film Festival. This has led fans to believe that the plot of the movie has to be ten times more monstrous, as this will be the last time they see Tom Hardy in his standalone franchise, at least for the near future. It turns out the internet has found its way to a reportedly leaked plot that is now making the rounds on X (Twitter), Reddit, and many more platforms.

Venom 3 Plot Leaked

Yes, you read that right. The headlines around Venom 3 are getting wilder with each passing day, and you cannot blame the makers because the anticipation is massive. According to the new plot, there is a crazy script in place for the movie that will be the last time Tom Hardy’s standalone franchise will be on the big screen. If the leaked plot is to be believed, 10-year-old Spider-Man Peter Parker is in danger. Here is all you need to know.

Venom: The Last Dance—the title is enough to tell you this is a crazy last dance that will have the Symbiote doing the most insane things with Eddie (Tom Hardy). According to the plot making the rounds on the internet, Venom 3 will have Venom setting out to kill the 10-year-old Peter Parker, who is destined to grow up and become Spider-Man. This is because, in the multiverse, every Venom variant has been destined to die at the hands of Spider-Man. To avoid this in his timeline, Venom decides to kill Peter when he is 10. However, this will end up tying in with the post-credit scenes of Venom 2 and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

What happens next is even more interesting. Eddie develops a bond with Peter Parker and decides not to kill him. But Eddie’s life is never that simple; he now has to fight a new group of Symbiotes, The Jury, and also confront some of his enemies. While it is said that Chiwetel Ejiofor is set to take on the role of Orwell Taylor, Juno Temple has been cast as Lieutenant Patricia Robertson.

There is no confirmation on whether this leaked plot is true or not, so we need to take everything with a pinch of salt. However, with the gates of the multiverse now open, there is a possibility. Also, if you observed, Madame Web, which otherwise is a standalone movie, also features a 10-year-old Peter Parker. So there are enough chances for this plot to be true. Only time will tell.

Venom 3 Is The Last Film

Sony Motion Pictures Group Chairman Tom Rothman was at the Cannes Film Festival, where he made the revelation that Venom: The Last Dance is the last film in the franchise. As per Deadline, he said, "Let me tell you, when the last of the Spider-Verse movies comes with Phil Lord and Chris Miller, it's going to be a significant event, as will the next Tom Holland Spider-Man film. And when all the Karate Kid storylines come together with Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan and a new young karate kid. For those fans, that's going to be a significant moment. We have those. The third and last Venom is going to be huge."


Venom 3 is set to hit the big screen on October 25, 2024. You can watch the previous Venom movies on Sony LIV in India with your OTTplay Premium subscription. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else in the world of streaming and films.

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