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Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah episode 4104 – Heartbroken Abdul decides to leave Gokuldham society

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah's Abdul has finally come to a decision, to leave Gokuldham society

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah episode 4104 – Heartbroken Abdul decides to leave Gokuldham society
Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah.

Last Updated: 07.35 PM, Jun 07, 2024


It has been many episodes since Abdul went back-and-forth with staying or leaving Gokuldham society. This is because his acquaintance-friend Hanif wants to work abroad and believes that Abdul, like himself, is not treated right. Finally, Abdul has reached a decision. He will leave Gokuldham society.

Abdul decides to leave Gokuldham society

Abdul stays back in hopes that the members of Gokuldham society will remember his birthday and wish him, if not give him a surprise. However, all that awaited him was disappointment. His acquaintance-friend Hanif points out how Abdul is only treated like a shopkeeper and if they leave for abroad, the ‘brothers’ can earn in dollars and lead a better life. After back-and-forth and reaching the end of giving another opportunity to the Gokuldham members, Abdul decides to leave the society for good. He locks his store and decides to go to his house with Hanif to get his passport and work abroad.


What happened in episode 4103?

Abdul goes to visit Champak Chacha on his birthday. The latter wishes his long-distance friend happy birthday in English on call. He goes on to tell Abdul that he will wish everyone in both Hindi and English here on, only to ask whose birthday is next? In order to avoid awkwardness, Abdul said he has no idea.

Meanwhile, the secretary of a nearby society wishes Abdul happy birthday and praises his work. He talks about Gokuldham society members hosting a party (which is far from reality at this point) while stating that Abdul would be valued if he were in their society. That makes Abdul have a flashback, about Aniq asking the shopkeeper to join him for work outside India, so that they can earn in dollars. Hanif had told Abdul that the society members only know and treat him as a storekeeper.

Thanks to Hanif’s words, Abdul is once again having second thoughts about the reason he is where he is at this point. He snaps himself out of the thought, thinking that the Mahila Mandal would remember his birthday. That is when Roshan Sodhi calls him. She announces to Abdul that the Mahila mandali is coming to his shop. This leaves him excited and emotional that she remembers his birthday. He gets so excited that Abdul calls Hanif to his store. Unfortunately for him, the Mahila Mandal are at his store to ask for discount as they are headed out for clothes shopping. Madhavi initiates the conversation, followed by Babita, Anjali, Sodhi and Komal.

Seeing Abdul sad, Babita feels that Abdul had a fight with him. Snapping back, Abdul turns his sweet self again. If that wasn’t enough, Sonu added salt to his wounds by announcing that Tapu has booked movie tickets. The Mahila Mandal and Tapu Sena then make dinner plans with their husbands too. Anjali then tells Abdul that he will get free sooner thanks to their plans. Madhavi in turn asks Abdul to take care of the society since everybody will be outside. Sodhi joins in and all of Mahila Mandal request the same. Hanif is shocked and concerned at what is unfolding in front of him. Taking the opportunity, Hanif tells Abdul that his expectations are shattered the way a mirror breaks into pieces. Hanif asks Abdul to get his passport so that they can both go abroad to earn. Abdul only laughs at the thought even now, and will wait for them till his shop closes. Abdul goes out for delivery with the promise to meet Hanif at night. As he heads out, Abdul gets a flashback of how Bhide had also asked him to complete all the pending work related to the society, how Jethalal handed small chores like paying for cobbler and laundry, and how Tapu Sena walked out on him calling it a boring day, when he tried to hint about his birthday.

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