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Tabu joining Dune - Prophecy has left you too excited? Let's revisit Dune (1984) and here's where you can watch it

Before the Timothée Chalamet starrer Dune came the first live action adaptation of the novellas way back in 1984 and it is available on streaming. 

Tabu joining Dune - Prophecy has left you too excited? Let's revisit Dune (1984) and here's  where you can watch it
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Last Updated: 08.03 PM, May 14, 2024


The world went all gaga, especially India when it was announced last night that Tabu is entering the Dune: Prophecy series, which has been in the making for a very long time. The news came as the world has just witnessed Dune: Part Two in theaters recently. This announcement has led all fans of the legendary Indian actor and the franchise excited about what vision the makers of the show have for the Namesake star. In general, the Dune franchise has held fans captive, and they have happily surrendered. The world of Arrakis and the surrounding planets has left us curious to know more about the same. But long before the modern Dune adaptation was even an idea, there was already a live-action adaptation that had tried its hands at the story with a maverick filmmaker at the helm. 

Yes, you read that right. Those who have joined the Dune frenzy recently should know that the Timothée Chalamet starrer franchise is the second attempt by any filmmaker to bring the Frank Herbert novellas by the same name to the big screen. The first live-action adaptation of Dune was made back in 1984 and was one of the most celebrated movies and is still considered a fine example of filmmaking. Streaming on Lionsgate Play, below is everything you must know about the movie that paved the way for the Dune franchise to soar.


Dune (1984) Team

Dune was one of the most experimental movies of its time. The film marks the debut of Kyle MacLachlan as Paul Atredis, and he was praised for his performance. It also includes actors from Latin American, American, and European descent in various parts. Sting, José Ferrer, Francesca Annis, Sian Phillips, Virginia Madsen, Linda Hunt, Patrick Stewart, Max von Sydow, and Jürgen Prochnow, among others, were part of the movie.

Dune (1984) went through the hands of some of the most iconic filmmakers. While David Lynch directed it finally in the 80s, the movie was in the making throughout the 70s, and filmmakers like David Lean, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and Ridley Scott were all considered.

The Tragedy of Dune (1984)

The movie that followed the Frank Herbert novels with the prophecy around the chosen one turned out to be a nightmare for everyone involved when it was released back in the day. It is said that the movie failed to create a dent at the box office and was even rejected by the critics. Things escalated to a point where David Lynch distanced himself completely from the project. He even went on to say that the pressure from producers and financiers did not allow him to practice his artistic control, and they denied him the final cut.

But now, after decades, many love the movie and call it an example of fine filmmaking. Many comparisons have been made between the two, and some even marvel at how the team from 1984 managed to pull off a visually extravagant world. Dune (1984) is now streaming on Lionsgate Play in India, and you can watch it with your OTTplay Premium subscription.

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