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Ted 2024 OTT release date- When and where to watch this raunchy coming-of-age show?

Seth MacFarlane is back to make our sides split with laughter due to the ribald jokes and punchlines delivered by his seemingly innocently but actually bawdy childhood toy Ted's prequel series.

Ted 2024 OTT release date- When and where to watch this raunchy coming-of-age show?
Ted the series trailer (credit: Peacock)

Last Updated: 06.18 AM, Jan 07, 2024


The Ted film franchise is finally getting another part, albeit in the form of a Peacock series. The show will premiere on OTT January 11, 2024, onwards. Directed, written, and voiced by Seth MacFarlane, the potty humor-infused coming-of-age show may hit an explicit alarm or three for young teenagers, but in today’s time, most of the adult teens are good to go and deserve a fun laugh which this show guarantees. 

Peacock is generally a fan-favorite because of its tendency to dump all the episodes of a series in one day, as it makes it easier to binge for serial watchers, without the angst of waiting for a week. Ted, will serve as a prequel to both the Ted films, by placing its incidents right after the wish fulfillment of a young John, and right before an adult Mark Wahlberg ends up living with his magical stuffed toy.\ 


The show, comprising of seven episodes, shall trace the daily adventures of a teenage John Bennett as he starts high school with Ted. Now, since this show also features a younger and less cynical Ted, one can expect his humor to be more palatable yet equally funny.  

The show’s teaser was dropped on November 16, 2023, while the official trailer was released on November 29, 2023. It shows the period the series is based in, 1993 Massachusetts. Ted’s initial rise to fame because of his unique birth has faded and he lives with sixteen-year-old John and his family, along with Cousin Blaire.  

Now Ted has never been to school, but his habit of getting John into trouble or motivating him to do fun but essentially useless or dangerous activities worries his parents. Also, Ted blasting the tv on one of his ‘house-sitting’ days further puts his name on the naughty list of Mr. Bennett.

The trailer offers a fun view into the life of John, a friendless, uncool teenager who, according to his own assumptions, is the unlucky sod who gets to be the ‘last virgin’ of the school. And as usual, Ted does nothing but stir trouble or embarrass his best friend.  

This time he does so, by verbally offering his reproductive organ for sale, loudly, to anyone who would hear of its ‘freshness’. But the two are as close as brothers and would live and die for one another, an element that adds a touch of empathy and emotions to an otherwise, bawdy comedy. 

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